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Using the continuous/slicer grater

Destined to become one of your most used attachments when it comes to prepping everyday ingredients in all shapes and sizes, the continuous slicer/grater attachment is something of a powerhouse.

As its name suggests, this easy-to-use stand mixer attachment works non-stop to slice and grate everything from fruit and vegetables to cheese and nuts, with consistent results every time. How much you can process in one go is not limited by your stand mixer’s bowl capacity, so it’s your perfect partner when you’re batch-cooking, or simply feeding a hungry crowd.

Along with a guide on what it does and how to use it, we’re sharing two delicious recipes that you can make with the help of this versatile attachment to inspire you.


What can I do with the continuous slicer/grater attachment?

The continuous slicer/grater attachment is ideal to use whenever you need to prep large quantities of ingredients, for anything from making coleslaws, salads, fishcakes, ratatouille or rostis, to cutting homemade French fries or grating large quantities of cheese for a recipe.

The attachment works non-stop as you feed in the ingredients via the feed tube, which are then processed directly into a bowl of your choice, so you’re not limited by a reduced capacity. It couldn’t be quicker or simpler to use, and after you’re done, the attachment is also easy to clean, with dishwasher safe parts.

What is in the box?

This attachment comes with 7 different stainless steel cutting discs, each designed to help perform specific tasks:

Disc 1: extra fine shredding. For parmesan cheese, chocolate and nuts like hazelnuts.
Disc 2: fine shredding. For cheese, chocolate, nuts and firm fruit or vegetables.
Disc 3: coarse shredding. For cheese and firm fruit and vegetables.
Disc 4: thin slicing. For cheese and firm fruit and vegetables.
Disc 5: thick slicing. For cheese and firm fruit and vegetables.
Disc 6: thin, julienne style chipping. For cutting extra thin French fries and vegetables for stir-fries, salads, crudités and casseroles.
Disc 7: standard chipping. For cutting thin fries and vegetables for crudités and casseroles.

Recipe inspiration

Filo-Tart-1584x1200.jpg Filo-Tart-1584x1200.jpg
Packed full of plant-based goodness, this tasty vegan poke bowl is quick and easy to assemble when you use the continuous slicer/grater attachment to effortlessly slice the cucumber and radish and grate the carrot, with the different discs allowing you to slice to different thicknesses, with consistent results every time.

Make this delicious vegetable filo tart ahead for an easy midweek dinner or lunch that the whole family will enjoy. Use the continuous slicer/grater attachment to quickly slice the courgettes for the roast tomato and courgette filling.
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