5 attachments to use with your Kenwood stand mixer

Explore your culinary creativity and discover a new world of meal creation with our range of stand mixer attachments. Whether you’re looking to slice, dice, mince, blend or grind, there’s a stand mixer attachment for every kind of dish. Here’s our guide to 5 attachments that will change the way you use your stand mixer for good.

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The high performance bowl tools that come with your Kenwood stand mixer as standard are designed to help you create a variety of cakes, breads, pastries, meringues and desserts. However, with three different speed outlets and an unrivalled range of more than 25 additional attachments, you can tailor your machine to be whatever you need it to be in the kitchen. 

Read on to discover just how versatile your stand mixer is, and how you can take things way beyond baking. 

Using attachments

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In this guide we will be focussing on five of our hero stand mixer attachments- blender, food processor, compact chopper/mill, pasta roller and food mincer. Alongside their more obvious uses, you’ll see that all these attachments can be used to create a range of different- often quite unexpected- dishes. Basically, with your Kenwood stand mixer, nothing is off the menu. 

Blender attachment

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If you like to start your day with a 5-a-day packed smoothie, or regularly make batches of homemade soup, your stand mixer’s blender attachment will see a lot of use. The 1.6L jug is made from heat resistant glass, so whether your ingredients are piping hot or ice cold there’s no worry about cracking or shattering the glass, while the accompanying stir stick ensures even really thick mixtures are smooth and lump-free. 

But if you only ever use your blender for smoothies and soups, you’re missing out. How about whizzing up some homemade almond milk, or even your own peanut butter (the bonus being, you can make it as smooth or crunchy as you like)?  And then there’s milkshakes, cocktails, dressings, sauces, pancake mix- even no-churn ice cream.  

Food processor attachment

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With a knife blade and selection of discs to slice, grate and chop, the food processor attachment really expands what your mixer is capable of- and can help you whizz through food prep tasks in a fraction of the time. Ideal for when you need a quick and easy, fuss-free meal. 

Fancy a stir fry for dinner? Cut carrots and courgettes into thin julienne strips in seconds using the thin plate, before swapping to the thick slicing plate to slice peppers and mushrooms. 

Dips and sauces are also super simple to make, like this creamy hummus; just fit the knife blade, throw all the ingredients into the food processor bowl and blitz. You can also chop vegetables and herbs in seconds to form the base of pasta sauces, stews and curries.

If you’re planning a mass batch cooking session or feeding a crowd, the 1.2L capacity bowl is perfect for when you’re working with large quantities of ingredients. 

Compact chopper/mill

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Small in size it may be, but our compact chopper/mill attachment is all about helping you create big flavours to add that final flourish to your dishes.

Forget shop-bought and use it to create small quantities of your own stock cupboard staples, dips, sauces, garnishes and marinades, like chimichurri, harissa or avocado dressing. It’s also perfect for grinding down nuts, spices, herbs and coffee beans, making baby purees or mincing garlic cloves. It also comes with three handy glass jars to store your ready-to-use ingredients or favourite sauces. 

Pasta roller

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Roll your chilled dough straight from the fridge into perfect pasta sheets, ready to make a lasagne (for a twist on the classic, we love this chicken pesto version), or to cut out for fresh stuffed pastas. 

But don’t let this attachment's name fool you-it goes way beyond just rolling out delicious homemade pasta. Thanks to ten different thickness settings you can also use it to make mini pizza bases, tasty Mexican tacos or chapatis to serve up with your favourite curry. 

Food mincer

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This versatile, all-metal attachment is not only great for mincing cuts of meat to make your own burgers and meatballs. With an easy to fit sausage and kebbe maker and three different sized screens to create varying textures, you can also use it to create your favourite vegetarian dishes, including beetroot burgers, falafel, dumplings, fresh tomato sauce and kebbe. 

More stand mixer attachments

Excited to explore a whole new world of meal creation with your stand mixer? 

From juicers to graters, dicers to spiralizers, there are over 25 additional attachments available, so you can personalise your Kenwood stand mixer and create your ultimate kitchen companion. 

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