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Think Differently

Versatile Chef

With a whole host of optional attachments, your Kenwood Chef can chop, grate, mill, sprialize, juice, mince, shape and puree. Almost any kitchen prep task can be made quicker and easier with your Chef. Can your mixer handle anything you throw at it? Kenwood Can.



Just as your Chef is for more than baking, your blender attachment is for so much more than smoothies and soups. Try your hand at blending up homemade ice creams, creating smooth, fresh almond milk or palm oil free peanut butter?



Food mincers are so versatile, so think beyond meat cuts and look to vegetables, nuts and fruits. Prep for vegetarian recipes is a breeze as the coarse, medium and fine screens make light work or pureeing and mincing – great for veggie burgers, falafel and sauces.


A pasta roller attachment might seem like a one task wonder, but you can use it for so much more. Ideal for the thinnest of pizza doughs, homemade crackers, tortillas and taco shells – recipes that are so easy and taste amazing.



Food processors are one of the most versatile kitchen tools, so of course you can fit one to your Chef. As well the ability to quickly prepare salads, sauces and dips they are really useful for sneaking vegetables into fussy eaters. Crispy pizza crust made from cauliflower, blended down veg hidden in turkey meatballs and macaroni cheese that gets them on their way to 5 a day are just some of our favourites.



Freshly ground coffee and delicious pesto are common uses for a compact chopper attachment, but you can also whip up store cupboard staples in seconds. Batch prepare and freeze garlic, and fresh hummus and harissa will make you chopper your new favourite jar in the kitchen.

Pasta Roller

Effortlessly guided through the lasagne roller

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The juicer attachment is a fantastic choice for nutritious juices

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