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Making vegan cakes, desserts and sweet treats

Embracing a plant-based lifestyle is no longer a niche choice. Whether it’s driven by concerns about health, lifestyle, animal welfare or the environment, veganism is now well and truly in the mainstream, as more and more people discover just how varied, exciting- and accessible, a vegan diet can be.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth the good news is that going vegan doesn't mean giving up any of your favourite sweet treats. There are plenty of widely available alternative ingredients like flax seed, aquafaba (the soaking water from a tin of chickpeas) and silken tofu that can be used to create the same delicious results as using eggs and dairy products.

From indulgent tea-time treats to stunning dinner party desserts, this  collection of easy to follow plant-based recipes are guaranteed to be a hit with everyone, vegan or not.


Vegan meringues

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Proving you don’t need egg whites to whip up gorgeously glossy meringues, this recipe uses aquafaba instead. Simply whisk it up in your stand mixer bowl along with some cream of tartar to form those signature stiff peaks. Serve the meringues with homemade coconut cream, berries, chopped pistachios and a drizzle of maple syrup for a stunning plant-based pavlova. 

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Vegan banana bread

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A great way to use up overripe bananas,  this deliciously moist vegan banana bread is so quick and simple to make with your Chef or Chef XL. Using vegetable oil in place of butter, all the ingredients go in the bowl together and our iconic K-beater reaches every part of the bowl to ensure a perfectly even mix, every time. Best enjoyed warm with a cuppa, or toasted and topped with vegan spread or peanut butter...

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Vegan salted caramel ice-cream

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Made with just five ingredients using your stand mixer and the frozen dessert maker attachment, this indulgent salted caramel flavoured vegan ice-cream tastes just like the real deal.  Using full fat coconut milk is the secret to getting that wonderfully creamy texture, while the salted caramel sauce will work well with lots of other desserts too.

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Vegan carrot cake

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Super simple to make using either your stand mixer or food processor, this vegan carrot cake is flavoured with warming cinnamon, ginger and cardamom and topped with a decadent cashew nut icing. Ground flax- a plant-based baking store cupboard essential, acts as a binding agent in place of using egg- you just need to hydrate it in water first.

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Vegan Banoffee Blend

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With a kick of coffee to balance out the sweetness of banana and maple syrup, this high-fibre smoothie is the perfect grab and go to start your day. Simply add the ingredients to your blender and blitz until smooth, before drizzling with maple syrup. 

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Vegan double chocolate cookies

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These moreish double chocolate cookies taste so indulgent, people will find it hard to believe they’re free from anything- but they really are vegan! Quick and easy to make using your stand mixer and with only a 10 minute baking time, the kids will love to get involved with this one. 

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