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Eight recipes to get more from your
food processor

Our food processors are designed to help you chop and slice your way to great food with zero fuss. Plus, they can do so much more than everyday dips and cheese grating. Because they come with plenty of features and tools, you’re never short of ways to prepare delicious food with ease.

We’ve put together some top recipes to show you just how much you could do with a Kenwood in your kitchen. The attachments and tools available will depend on the pack you choose, but every food processor gives you the power to make something amazing.


Kale Kimchi

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 2.jpg
To mix up a batch of this crunchy, spicy traditional Korean side dish, use the slicing and grating discs to create a base of shredded veg and cavolo nero; before adding some heat with garlic, ginger and Korean red pepper flakes.

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Halloumi and Greens Gözleme with Chilli Lime Tahini

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 3.jpg
Originally from Turkey, Gözleme is a deliciously savoury flatbread with a creamy texture that you can create with the help of our powerful dough tool. Then, for a fresh, smooth filling, just mix halloumi, courgette and other fresh ingredients with the blender attachment.

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Mexican Noodle Soup

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 4.jpg
Use the blender to mix your soup ingredients, add fresh veg prepared by the Express Dice feature (along with golden noodles). Then heat up a bowl of hearty flavours loaded with crunchy vegetables and plenty of spice.

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Vegan Gyoza Dumplings

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 5.jpg
These beautifully crunchy bites are packed with delicate flavours of carrot, ginger, mushroom and cashews. All prepared using the processor’s grating disc and wrapped in a smooth dumpling mixture made with your dough tool. Once fried, dip in your homemade sauce and enjoy.

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Four Ingredient Breakfast Bars

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 6.jpg
Jumbo oats, brown sugar, butter and golden syrup – that’s all it takes to make these sweet, chunky breakfast treats. The integrated digital weighing feature gives you the right amount without using separate scales, then mix to the ideal consistency before baking. If you make a batch, they’re the perfect grab-and-go bite.

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Vegetable Tartlet with Pesto

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 7.jpg
The knife chopping blade is perfect for your pastry mix, while the slicing plate gives you layers of sweet potato and beetroot to arrange over the creamy goat’s yoghurt and egg filling. Then switch to the mini processor bowl and blade to make rich, herby pesto.

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Cheesy Chickpea Burgers

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 8.jpg
These chickpea burgers are a real treat; combining big flavours of chilli, paprika, mustard and Japanese tamari sauce - all with layers of cool mozzarella, crunchy lettuce and sriracha hot sauce in a sesame seed bun. The patties are easy to mix in your food processor and are cooked to perfection in your oven.

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Homemade Caramel Apple Cupcakes

8 Recipe Food Processor Image 9.jpg
These sweet buttery treats blend appley zing and a super-soft texture with the indulgence of a rich, homemade caramel topping. Whisk and weigh your cupcakes in the bowl, and use the grating disc to add delicate apple to the mix. 

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