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Dicing Attachment KAX400PL


Product details

The dicing attachment quickly and evenly dices your ingredients into perfect 1cm cubes. Get an even cook on your vegetables or prepare ingredients for delicious salsa and salads in a matter of moments.

Dice straight to your bowl or plate

Add versatility to your dishes through effortlessly dicing vegetables, cheese and meats with ease in 1cm cubes. Get evenly diced ingredients straight into your bowl or plate, fast.

Attachments of today that fit the machines of yesterday

Don't worry if you have an older Chef - our Dicing attachment can fit the slow speed outlet on Chef, Chef XL, Chef Major, Chef Sense, Chef XL Sense and Cooking Chef kitchen machines manufactured in the last 40 years*!

*Slot attachment fittings require adaptor KAT001ME.

Key Features

Perfect preparation
Perfect preparation The durable stainless steel slicing disc and grid produces consistent 1cm cubes for perfect food praparation every time.
Quantity control
Quantity control Designed without a bowl to allow a continuous action for large quantities; great for that summer BBQ coleslaw, party salsa or the festive vegetable preparation.
Fast and versatile
Fast and versatile Dices a variety of ingredients regardless of texture, including fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses.



general specifications

Body material: Plastic & aluminium
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 18.5 x 21.2 x 26.7
Weight (kg): 1.7
Colour: Grey


Capacity (L): Continuous


Outlet: Slow speed outlet
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Dicing Attachment KAX400PL

Dicing Attachment KAX400PL

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