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Fish and Seafood Recipes

Enjoy the flavours of the sea with our collection of fish recipes and seafood recipes, ranging from classic salmon dishes to unusual octopus.

Beetroot-dill-cured-salmon-with-roast-fennel.jpg Beetroot-dill-cured-salmon-with-roast-fennel.jpg

Beetroot and Dill Cured Salmon With Roast Fennel

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herby-pancakes-700x456.jpg herby-pancakes-700x456.jpg

Herby Pancakes with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

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beetroot-and-celeriac-linguine-with-prawn.jpg beetroot-and-celeriac-linguine-with-prawn.jpg

Beetroot and Celeriac Linguine with Prawn

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classic-fish-soup-listingpage.jpg classic-fish-soup-listingpage.jpg

Classic Fish Soup

This recipe is very versatile - you can use any fish that is in season, but a mixture of a good meaty fish and an oily variety works particularly well

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Goan_Fish_Curry_1.jpg Goan_Fish_Curry_1.jpg

Goan Fish Curry

Delicious fish recipe has spices, crumble and lots of lovely flavours.

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pasta-ribbons-with-shellfish-and-red-pepper-puree.jpg pasta-ribbons-with-shellfish-and-red-pepper-puree.jpg

Pasta Ribbons with Shellfish and Red Pepper Puree

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