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  • What are each of the screens for on my Plastic Pasta Maker?

    The screens are numbered: spaghetti 1 macaroni 2 rigatoni 3 tagliatelle 4 lasagne 5 large macaroni 6

  • Does the pasta dough need to be a specific consistency for use in my Plastic Pasta Maker?

    The pasta mix should resemble coarse breadcrumbs or a course crumb texture. The particles should be separate but if squeezed together it should form a clump which bonds together. Don’t make the mix too dry as it could break your pasta maker or mixer.

  • The pasta comes out curly from my Pasta Maker – how can I stop this?

    This is normal. The first batch will come out curly but the second batch will be straighter. You can re-process the first batch.

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  • How long can I keep pasta made by my Pasta Maker before cooking it?

    Cook macaroni and rigatoni within 4 hours. Otherwise they become brittle and snap.

  • How do I clean my Pasta Maker attachment?

    Loosen the ring nut manually or with the spanner and dismantle. Use the cleaning tool to remove all dough. Allow the dough to dry in the screens before using the cleaning tool. Wash in hot, soapy water or on the top rack of your dishwasher

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  • What is a Kenwood Kitchen Machine?

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  • The feed tube is blocked on my Meat Grinder or Pasta Maker. How can I remedy this?

    If the feed tube becomes clogged, use the end of the spanner/pusher handle to push the mix onto the scroll. Don’t use anything other than the spanner handle and don’t push too hard. Never let the feed tube fill up.

  • Can I get additional dies for my Metal Pasta Maker?

    Included in your pack is the Maccheroni rigati die. To purchase any of the additional dies, please call 0870 241 3653 or contact the shop where you purchased the attachment. 001 Miccheroni Rigati 002 Bigoli 003 Casarecce 004 Maccheroni 005 Spaccatelli...

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