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  • What is best to change the consistency of a smoothie?

    If your smoothie is too thick you need to add more liquid, all smoothies have to have a liquid base so it is best to use the markings on the goblet for best results. If your smoothie is too thin then add some frozen ingredients or maybe half a banana.

  • What should I use my Coarse Sieve for?

    Rough side up for removing fibres from cooked fruit and vegetables, eg rhubarb and spinach. Pureeing fruit and vegetables eg bananas, cooked potatoes and making biscuit crumbs. Smooth side up for stoning cooked fruit, eg plums, damsons.

  • Ok, So what kinds of fruits does each juice?

    Citrus juicers, as their name suggests, juice Citrus Fruits. So Lemons, Limes Oranges and Grapefruits, and all similar fruits are to be used in this device.  A centrifugal juicer however can juice most non-citrus fruits, as long as the fruit has...