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Carrot Top Pesto With Roast Dutch Carrots - OzHarvest #HereforHope

Serves: 4 peopleRecipe course: AccompanimentTotal time (min.): 50
Carrot Top Pesto With Roast Dutch Carrots - OzHarvest #HereforHope.jpg Carrot Top Pesto With Roast Dutch Carrots - OzHarvest #HereforHope.jpg


Multipro Sense Food Processor FPM810


600g baby carrots (scrubbed and trimmed)
Australian olive oil
4 sprig thyme (large sprigs, leaves only)
full fat yoghurt
pine nuts
garlic gloves
coriander powder
parmesan cheese


1 - Cut off green carrot tops and put aside for the pesto later.
2 - Place the carrots in a baking tray.
3 - Sprinkle with a bit of cumin & a bit of coriander powder.
4 - Generous pinch of salt.
5 - Add in generous amount of good australian olive oil, toss the carrots until everything is evenly coated.
6 - Bake on 200 for about 20 minutes.
7 - Turn the carrots occasionally whilst baking.
8 - While carrots are in the oven prepare pesto.
9 - Chop up carrot tops and coriander roughly and put into kenwood food processor.
10 - Add in 3 gloves of garlic, grade in some parmesan (as much as you like, but about 60g), generous amount of olive oil 100-150ml and a pinch of salt.
11 - Let the processor run until almost smooth texture is made.
12 - Add in roasted pine nuts to only break up a little bit (we want to keep that crunchy texture of the nut).
13 - Remove the carrots from the oven.
14 - To serve lay some yoghurt down on a big plate.
15 - Put the pesto over the carrots and coat evenly.
16 - Lay on top of the yoghurt, add some more pine nuts and sprinkle some olive oil.