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Eton Mess

Serves: 2 peopleRecipe course: DessertsTotal time (min.): 25
Eton Mess.jpg Eton Mess.jpg


Cooking Chef


500ml Thickened Cream
1 tbsp. Caster Sugar
½ Cup Crème Fresh
Seeds of one Vanilla Bean
240g Caster Sugar
120g Egg Whites (approximately 4 eggs)
40ml Water
Cooked & Dried Meringue, crushed into chunks
1 Cup of blended Strawberries with 1 tsp. Sugar for natural Strawberry topping
Fresh Raspberries


Getting started

1 - Fit the heat guard, splashguard, and Balloon Whisk to the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL
2 - Position the bowl onto the mixer

Ready to Cook

1 - Add the thickened cream, sugar, Crème Fresh and vanilla bean seeds into the bowl
2 - Set speed to 5 and press the control dial to start. Whisk until soft peaks form
3 - Once soft peaks have formed, transfer mixture into another bowl
4 - Thoroughly clean the Cooking Chef Mixing Bowl, making sure it is completely dry and position back onto the mixer
5 - Add the caster sugar, egg whites and water into the bowl
6 - Using the Pre-set Menu, select Swiss Meringue and press the control dial to start.
Note: Meringue should appear thick & glossy
7 - Add meringue to a piping bag

Prepare to Serve

1 - Using a small bowl or glassware take the vanilla cream and dollop a small amount into the centre of your dish
2 - Sprinkle crushed, dried meringue over the cream and add strawberry topping
3 - Take the piping bag dot the dessert with the Swiss Meringue
4 - Optional: Lightly torch the Swiss Meringue until lightly golden
5 - Finish with fresh raspberries