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Chef Sized Folding Tool AT511

Compatible with:

  • Classic Chef KM330
  • Premier Chef KMC510
  • Chef Sense KVC50 Series
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Create light mousses and fluffy soufflés

Create light mousses and fluffy soufflés with this dedicated folding tool attachment for Kenwood kitchen machines. A unique tool to effortlessly fold heavy and light ingredients together and create perfectly airy and fluffy mixtures every time.

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Folding is a key action in many cooking and baking recipes and in order to recreate a true folding action we have created a dedicated tool for your Kenwood stand mixer.

To add heavier ingredients to light, airy ingredients it is important to gently scrape from underneath and allow the food to fall back into the bowl. The specially designed folding tool replicates this action perfectly, with the paddle lifting the ingredients as it rotates in the bowl.

This maintains the texture required to create dishes such as mousse, soufflé and macaroons. The attachment is also height adjustable and dishwasher safe. 

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