Multipro Excel Food Processor FPM910

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  • Tritan™ bowls

    Tritan™ bowls

    The 4 litre bowl and a 1.6 litre mini bowl are both crafted from TritanTM copolyester, a new impact and shatter resistant material that can withstand extreme use and repeated dishwasher cleaning.

  • XXL feed tube

    XXL feed tube

    Save time with this extra wide feed tube, large enough to fit a whole apple, meaning that less food has to be prepared beforehand.

  • ThermoResist™ blender

    ThermoResist™ blender

    Specially designed heatproof glass allows for blending of both hot and cold ingredients, with no fear of cracking or shattering.

  • In bowl drive

    In bowl drive

    The specially designed in bowl drive increases the bowl capacity, as there is no need for a central spindle.

  • Built in scales

    Built in scales

    Built in scales and a handy tare (zero) button save time by allowing ingredients to be weighed directly into the bowl.

  • Auto-variable speed control

    Auto-variable speed control

    Variable speed settings give you total control over the task in hand. If you are unsure which variable speed setting to use, the auto speed function will select the maximum speed for you.

  • Eco mode

    Eco mode

    The Multipro Sense will automatically switch to Eco mode if left idle for 30 minutes. This reduces energy consumption by up to 50 per cent.

  • Dual drive

    Dual drive

    The dual drive system automatically adjusts to allow a food processor, a blender or a glass multi mill attachment to be run from the same power base, thereby saving valuable space.