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Your Chef that WEIGHS.

Precise bakes start here. Baking is an uninterrupted pleasure with direct to bowl wieghing, an extra baking bowl and delicate fold function for featherlight meringues and mousses.
Easyweigh Scales.jpg
EASYWEIGH SCALES Conveniently weigh ingredients directly in the mixing bowl or food processing and blending outlet using in-built scales.
Nesting Duobowl.jpg
A PERFECT SET The Nesting DuoBowl" is ideal for when you need that extra bowl — snugly fitting inside the 7L bowl is a 5L mixing bowl
Smart power control.jpg
SMART POWER CONTROL Mixing speed automatically adjusts to what you are making, while a powerful 1200W motor gives you the power needed to manage heavy doughs.
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CUSTOMISE YOUR CHEF Twenty-five optional attachments designed for low and high-speed outlets enable you to customise your Kenwood Baker to your cooking style.
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Your Chef that WEIGHS and WARMS.

It's the warming and weighing mixer packed with extraordinary thinking. Proves dough and melts ingredients straight into the bowl.
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MELTS INGREDIENTS, WARMS HEARTS The EasyWarm™ bowl warms to the perfect temperature — melting chocolate 33% faster and reducing dough proving time by a third*
Control at your fingertips.jpg
CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS There are 6 SimpleTouch presets for dough proving, chocolate melting, dough kneading, all-in-one cake egg white whisking and Swiss meringue.
A perfect set.jpg
A PERFECT SET When your recipe needs two bowls, nesting inside the 7L EasyWarm™ bowl is a SL mixing bowl for baking convenience.
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SMART POWER CONTROL The digitally controlled 1400W ChefMotor provides continuous power to navigate the lightest sponge or the heaviest dough.

Discover 25+ attachments

Food processor.jpg
FOOD PROCESSOR All the prep is done for you, from slicing to dicing and blitzing. Serve expert stir-fries, sauces and dips with the 1.2L capacity.
Thermoresist glass blender.jpg
THERMORESIST GLASS BLENDER The 1.6L ThermoResist™ Glass Blender can blend hot soup and crush ice straight from the freezer without clouding or shattering.
Pasta Roller.jpg
PASTA ROLLER — FLAT TAGLIOLINI The pasta making attachment is perfect for getting creative with fresh homemade Italian style pasta.
Food Mincer.jpg
FOOD MINCER The multi-use food mincer is versatile and ideal for creating homemade sausages, meatballs and vegetarian dishes.
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RECIPE Creamy Taramasalta Delicious taramasalata dip perfect for entertaining.
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RECIPE Chocolate Ganache Mud Cake Gooey, moist, chocolate cake - for any occasion!