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Interior design trends to watch out for

From how to make your home work harder for you and eco-friendly interiors, to adding colour and interest to your decor, here’s our guide to the hottest interior design trends.

Like the clothes we wear, how we style our homes is a way to express personality and unleash our creativity. But our homes are also our personal sanctuary - particularly over the last couple of years. Even a small change like a fresh lick of paint can make us feel instantly calmer or more uplifted. 

From the most wanted colour palettes and textures, to tips on how to make spaces work better for your lifestyle, here is our pick of current interior and decorating trends.

Refreshing your home’s style doesn't necessarily mean a complete overhaul. It’s sometimes just about investing in some key pieces that bring you joy, upcycling an unloved item of furniture or moving furniture or art work around to allow features to become a focal point. So if you’re ready for a change, read on for some home decor inspiration. 

Bold patterns and colours

Background (13).png Background (13).png
When it comes to choosing colours and patterns for your home, it’s all about going big and bold, with 60’s and 70’s styles making a comeback. Terracotta and mustard hues make a mood-boosting statement without overpowering a room, while all shades of green are popular- especially sage, reflecting our increased connection to the great outdoors during the pandemic.
 If you’re not ready for a full on colour drench, why not try injecting an uplifting shot of colour into your space by painting your kitchen cabinetry or the woodwork around doors and windows. Or use colourful accessories to breathe new life into neutral spaces. You can change the top cover of your Titanium Chef Baker White (also available in XL) to complement your interiors (the sage green colourway is very on trend), while the Mesmerine collection’s jewel tones and diamond pattern ensure that your kettle and toaster will become a sure-fire worktop focal point. 
 Play with pattern and create points of interest throughout a room by using wallpaper to transform alcoves, the space behind shelves or on panelled doors. And don’t forget about the ceiling- think of it as the fifth wall. Wallpaper it for instant wow factor, or paint it in a colour already used in the room in a wallpaper or rug to tie the whole space together. 

Return to traditional materials

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From stone flooring and marble worktops to wood panelling and wicker furniture, warm, earthy textures and natural materials are having a moment. 
 Bringing a casual vibe and warmth to a space, light fittings made from natural fibres like rattan are an easy and inexpensive way to refresh a room’s look, and will work in all types of interiors, and alongside more modern designs. 
 Linen and cotton add texture and comfort to soft furnishings; layer sofas with tactile throws and oversized cushions. Or make a nod to Instagram’s tablescaping trend by using linen tablecloths, napkins and placemats in coordinating muted shades and patterns for pared back, relaxed entertaining. 

Making sustainable choices

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The focus on making eco-conscious choices will continue to have a big influence on interior trends, with consumers thinking more about materials and manufacturing processes when they’re styling their homes. 

Nothing is more sustainable than buying second-hand, and thanks to the booming online vintage marketplace, it’s never been easier to buy upcycled, repurposed or antique furniture and accessories, whatever your budget. If you are buying new, look for pieces made using reclaimed wood or recycled glass and metal, and invest in timeless pieces that you will love and enjoy for years to come, rather than something trend-led that will end up in landfill when it falls out of favour. 

Made using the very best, most durable materials, your Kenwood products are designed to not just produce excellent results, but to last-and last (we love the stories of Chef mixers being handed down the generations!). And while appliances like stand mixers undoubtedly represent an investment, their sheer versatility in the kitchen means they can do the job of several machines; more than earning their spot on the worktop. 

Multifunctional spaces

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Over the last couple of years world events have meant we’ve all had to spend much more time at home, with our living areas suddenly having to become our offices, classrooms- even gyms, as well. Rooms have had to adapt to be different things for different people in the household, often all at the same time. 

Forced to make the most of every inch of space we have, it’s no surprise that we now expect our interiors to work harder for us- and for rooms to have more than one purpose. Look for multi-use furniture which can be folded away when it's not in use or doubles up as a clever storage solution. Room dividers, modular furniture and even lighting can help you create different zones and cosy, quiet spaces within an open plan area so everyone can use the space how they need to.