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Our favourite fakeaway recipes

Time to throw away those takeaway menus. Whatever you’re craving, it’s easy to rustle up tasty, flavour-filled versions of your favourite takeaway dishes at home, and they’ll be cheaper and better for you, too.

From curries and pizzas to spring rolls and tacos, we’ve got plenty of fakeaway recipes that are easy to prepare using your Kenwood products and guaranteed to taste delicious.


Delicious starters and sides

The perfect takeaway spread is made up of lots of different dishes to pick at and share. But there's no need to order in- recreate it at home with a selection of delicious starters and side dishes.

No Chinese-inspired banquet would be complete without these delicious vegetable spring rolls, which are so easy to make. The vegetable filling is prepared using your stand mixer’s spiralizer attachment and then wrapped in rice paper, so they’re much healthier than the fried versions. Serve with a rich and spicy dipping sauce.

Or maybe you fancy some gyoza? These Japanese dumplings can be filled with meat, vegetables or fish. This recipe is for a vegan version, filled with chestnut mushrooms, cashew nuts, carrot, ginger and spring onion. Both the gyoza dough and the filling is made using your food processor, while making the parcels is great fun, and something everyone can get involved in.

And then there’s these tasty baked courgette fries. Coated in a parmesan crumb and served with an aioli dip, serve them as a healthy alternative to chips, either as a side or just on their own. Use your food processor’s Express Dice pusher to make the crudites and the mill jar to make the breadcrumb coating and aioli.

Chicken bhuna with garlic and coriander naan

IMAGE-1-(chicken-bhuna)1584x1200.jpg IMAGE-1-(chicken-bhuna)1584x1200.jpg
With a deliciously thick, gently warming sauce, this homemade version of the Indian takeaway classic is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that the whole family will enjoy. It’s also so simple to make in your Cooking Chef XL, cooked from start to finish in the mixer bowl. And once you’ve made your own fluffy and fragrant naan, you’ll never want to order in again.

Rustic pizza

PESTO_PIZZA_15210KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg PESTO_PIZZA_15210KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg
No need to reach for the takeaway pizza menu with homemade pizzas that taste this good. Use your Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s dough kneading and proving presets to make this fail-safe dough, and then get creative with your toppings. It’s a great way to use up any leftovers, and kids will love creating their perfect pizza. This recipe makes 4 large pizzas.

Sweet potato tacos

Tacos_grade_v1-4123_RT1584x1200.jpg Tacos_grade_v1-4123_RT1584x1200.jpg
Full of vibrant colour and Mexican-inspired flavours, these tasty vegan tacos are made for sharing. Using your food processor means it only takes 15 minutes to make the sweet potato taco dough and prep the sticky aubergine and black bean fillings, and creamy avocado dip. This recipe is for 6 people, but can be scaled up or down depending on how many people you’re feeding.

Vegan poke bowl

VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg
Nourish yourself from the inside out with this tasty bowl of plant-based goodness. To make, just prep your veg using your food processor or stand mixer with the continuous slicer grater attachment, swapping in different ingredients depending on what’s in your fridge.

Then simply build your bowl by adding your veg and rice, before spooning on the soy and ginger marinated tofu, which adds a wonderful warmth. The perfect quick lunch or light evening meal.

Chicken shawarma with GF pitta

grade_v1-4434_RT1584x1200.jpg grade_v1-4434_RT1584x1200.jpg
Taking just 40 minutes to make using your food processor, you could serve up these tasty spiced chicken shawarma in the same time it takes for a takeaway kebab to be delivered.

The marinated chicken is roasted in the oven with sliced onions rather than cooked on a kebab shop spit, and then served with warm gluten-free pitta, salad and a garlic lemon sauce.
Enjoy cooking your favourite Friday night fakeaway and get creative with other ideas - why not try homemade beef burgers or Pad Thai?