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Food Preparation Attachments

Food Mill KAT20.000GY


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For fluffy cakes, delicious jams, silky smooth soups, sauces, purées and nutritious baby food, the NEW and improved Kenwood Food Mill is all you need!


Compatible with:


  • Chef KVC3100 series
  • Chef Sense KVC50 series
  • Chef Titanium Patissier XL KWL90004SI
  • Chef XL Sense KVL6 series
  • Cooking Chef KM080

Sift ingredients with ease

Whether it's fibrous ingredients like tomatoes or strawberries, or finer ingredients such as flour, with the use of two sieving screens, your food mill will ensure you get the results you need.

One attachment two tasks

Sift dry ingredients, or puree wet for jams or baby food. There's no need for additional attachments or appliances.

Attachments of today that fit the machines of yesterday

Don't worry if you have an older Chef - our food mill can fit Chef, Chef XL, Chef Major, Chef Sense, Chef XL Sense and Cooking Chef kitchen machines manufacturered since 1976!

Cupboard staples homemade

With a food mill, it's so easy to put your own spin on some family favourites. Rethink your fruit and vegetable intake with some tasty and vibrant fruit butters, or create a flavour packed homemade stock from leftover peels.

Key Features

The automatic sifter does the hard work
The automatic sifter does the hard work Allow your Chef's motor to take the strain of sifting, milling and even pureeing. Load your cooked ingredients into the mill, fit the paddle and turn on your Chef. The automatic sifter aggrevates and strains the ingredients through the screen, leaving in your bowl only the smoothest passata, jams and pastes.
Large capacity, great for big batches
Large capacity, great for big batches Easily sift up to 500g of fruit or vegetables through the mill at a time. Ensuring your ingredients keep their deep, rich colours and textures
Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher Safe Fully dishwasher safe for a fuss-free clean up

Fruit Butters



Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Food Mill KAT20.000GY

Food Mill KAT20.000GY

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