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Why choose kCook over a slow cooker?

Slow Cookers are large electric cooking pots designed for cooking stews and casseroles over a long period of time. These appliances generally cook at a low temperature and mean you can add your meat, vegetables and stock and then leave them to cook for up to 8 hours. A slow cooker can be used as an alternative to putting casseroles or stew in a conventional oven.

Kcook Multi has the ability to chop food and cook it in one pot using a stirring paddle and cooks the food evenly over a shorter period of time BUT you get the slow cook plug so the kCook Multi does it all. Any dish that you might cook on a stove in a pan can be replicated in the kCook, from stews and casseroles to chilli, curry, risotto, soup and sauces.

It will also steam fresh fish, chicken and vegetables. In addition, the blades can chop raw ingredients such as onions, carrots, garlic and celery and cook them off before adding other ingredients from the recipe so it saves preparation by hand in advance – everything can be done in one pot.