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I have an ‘E’ and a number on my Kenwood Cooking Chef. What does it mean?

The error code meanings are as follows:

- E:01 - The head of the machine is raised. Set Power to ‘0' and lower the head.

- E:02 – The Cooking Bowl is not fitted correctly. Set the power to zero and realign or refit the bowl.

- E:03 - The heat shield is not fitted. Ensure it is secured correctly as the cooking function will not operate if this is not in place.

- E:04 - Slow/High Speed Outlet cover not in place. Ensure all covers are fitted.

- E:09 - The heat is too hot or a temperature sensor problem. Allow the machine to cool and check sensors are clear from debris.

- E:10 – Overheat or Speed issue – check air vents are free from obstruction and clean. When clearing an error code always set the speed to ‘0' and retry.

In the unlikely event any other "E" error code appears, please contact a Service Centre.