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5 useful features that you may not
have used on your stand mixer

Whether you’re a bread enthusiast or master of the perfect bake, your stand mixer is undoubtedly a staple in your kitchen. But, are you getting the most out of your newly appointed sous-chef?

Your stand mixer can do so much more than just knead dough or mix cake batter. We’ll share 5 useful features that you may not have discovered about your stand mixer, as well as some of the fantastic attachments that are available, including the food mincer and mini chopper.


Linking to the Kenwood World App

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Cooking and baking with your stand mixer has never been so easy with the Kenwood World App. 

It’s not only a brilliant source of recipes and food inspiration, but many of our stand mixers are connected devices that link directly to the app (such as the Cooking Chef XL). 

Save time when creating your next masterpiece and control your stand mixer from anywhere in your home. You can even send recipe commands from your connected device and receive alerts when oven baking or mixing is complete. 

Find out how you can control the Cooking Chef XL with the Kenwood app.

Make use of automated functions

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With more complicated bakes, make use of the range of automated functions and timers on your stand mixer, giving you the flexibility to focus on other tasks whilst your mixer sets to work.

Both the Cooking Chef XL and the Titanium Chef Patissier XL have SimpleTouch presets and a full colour touch screen that makes processes  easy to navigate and follow. The preset functions certainly make cooking so much easier! 

The Cooking Chef XL has 13 SimpleTouch presets:
  • Steam 
With the handy Steam preset, you can prepare healthy meals using ingredients such as steamed fish or vegetables. 

Simply add water to the bowl and attach the steamer basket on top. 
  • All-in-one Dishes 
This really useful preset allows you to create tasty ‘one pot’ meals such as curries and stews for all the family. 

Add all your ingredients to the bowl, fit the Stir Tool and the Stir Assist Clip & let your mixer to get to work!
  • Chunky Soup 
Create hearty winter warmers at the touch of a button with the Chunky Soup preset. 

Prepare your ingredients and add them to the bowl, fit the Stir Tool and Stir Assist Clip and your mixer will do the rest. 
  • Slow Cook 
The Slow Cook preset is the ultimate time-saver, allowing you to prepare meals in advance around your busy schedule. 

Add your ingredients to the bowl (even meat, potatoes and root vegetables) and leave your stand mixer to cook your dishes slow and low until ready to eat. 
  • Egg White Whisking 
For cakes and desserts you can use the Egg White Whisking preset to whisk your eggs into perfect peaks. 

Simply fit the whisk to the mixer and you’ll never need to worry that your egg whites are under or over whisked again.
  • Sponge Cake 
The Sponge Cake preset will save time for any batch baking or special occasion bakes. 

The iconic K-Beater is put to good use to carefully fold in the ingredients and mix the batter evenly. 
  • Dough Kneading
The Dough Kneading preset is really useful for making bread and rolls. 

You can set the mixer to work and carry on with other prep tasks, all whilst avoiding sticky fingers and messy worktops!
  • Dough Proving 
Another essential for bread makers - the Dough Proving preset speeds up the proving process. 

Place your bread dough into the bowl and your mixer will prove it at the optimum temperature and time. 
  • Melting Chocolate 
Nothing has ever looked as good as perfectly smooth chocolate made using the Melting Chocolate preset. 

Add your chocolate to the bowl and let the mixer slowly and evenly melt the chocolate. 
  • Swiss Meringue
The Swiss Meringue preset is a real saviour for the avid baker. 

The mixer warms the egg whites and sugar in the bowl at the ideal temperature, before whisking into peaks. 
  • Italian Meringue 
There’s no need to multitask with the Italian Meringue preset. 

Cooking the eggs and sugar at a slightly higher temperature than Swiss Meringue, let your mixer do the hard work and save on arm power!
  • Fruit Compote 
Make delicious jams and compotes with the Fruit Compote preset. 

You can use a range of fresh fruits and prepare ahead by making compotes in larger quantities.
  • Popcorn 
The Popcorn preset speaks for itself. 

Using your mixer is a fun and simple way to make a sweet treat for your next night in! 

The Titanium Chef Patissier XL also has six presets


Titanium Chef Patissier XL six presets:

Explore the range of attachments

Food Mincer

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Create hearty meals from scratch with a food mincer attachment.

This robust tool grinds a range of meats and vegetables, and even includes sausage and kebbe makers to experiment with different cuisines.  

Select your desired cuts and know exactly what has gone into your food by mincing meats into your own sausages or mince. 

Kenwood Food Mincer Attachment KAX950ME | Kitchen Machine Attachments | Kenwood (

Food processor

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The food processor attachment is a brilliant all-rounder for your stand mixer, helping you create delicious stir fries, dips and sauces in seconds.

Not only does the attachment have a knife blade for chopping vegetables, but also a range of discs with different thicknesses to help you slice, grate and julienne a wide range of foods. 

The food processor bowl is also made from a shatterproof and dishwasher-safe material, suited to a frequent use and a range of tasks.


Lasagne roller

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Make delicious homemade pasta for all the family with the lasagne roller attachment. 

There’s no need to buy a pasta machine when you’ve got this versatile tool. It simply fits onto your stand mixer, helping you to create authentic and fresh pasta sheets in minutes. 

Choose the pasta thickness of your choice with the 9 adjustable settings. Perfect to help you make a range of pasta dishes including ravioli, cannelloni and lasagne.

The XL width roller attachment can also be used to roll flat bread, tortilla and pitta bread dough!


Continuous Slicer/Grater

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The continuous slicer/grater is a really useful attachment for creating family-sized quantities of fruit and vegetables for your cooking. 

It’s ideal for making coleslaw, fishcakes, rosti, salads, french fries and even grated cheese - there’s no limit to what you can make with the continuous slicer/grater!


Integrated weighing and bowl warming

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Our stand mixers really come into their own with the useful integrated bowl warming and weighing functions. 

Bakers will love the ease of being able to weigh ingredients directly in the mixer bowl with the Cooking Chef XL, Titanium Chef Patissier XL and Titanium Chef Baker models.

The bowl warming feature on the Cooking Chef XL and Titanium Chef Patissier XL is also an invaluable feature, helping you to soften butter or melt chocolate at precise temperatures in the deep, 7 litre EasyWarm bowl. 

Preparing ingredients in your stand mixer is also light work thanks to the touchscreen display on the Cooking Chef XL and Titanium Chef Patissier XL. 

Put the mixer through its paces

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One thing that really stands out with the Cooking Chef XL and Titanium Chef Patissier XL is the capacity that these stand mixers have. 

They are sizable and powerful enough to make daily loaves of bread, batch cook, or make several large cakes at one time - but the standard sized machines are still perfect for baking and cooking in smaller quantities. 

Also suited to the adventurous home cook, the Cooking Chef XL and Titanium Chef Patissier XL can also help you to whip up one pot meals and desserts in the generous cooking bowl in record time.