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How to Clean your Kenwood Stand Mixer

From whisking, mixing and kneading through to grating, slicing and more; there are seemingly very few culinary tasks that your Kenwood stand mixer can’t help you with, saving you time and effort and helping you to achieve even better results.

Of course, when it comes to all the fun of getting creative in the kitchen, there is also the inevitable mess to clear up afterwards! Luckily with a bit of TLC and regular maintenance you can keep your stand mixer looking, and working, its best for years to come.


Focussing on our popular Titanium Chef Patissier XL, here’s a quick guide to effectively cleaning up all those spills and splashes. Remember that the cleaning instructions for each stand mixer model and the various attachments may vary, so do always check the instruction manuals that came with your product. You can also view them here

Taking Care of your Stand Mixer

The ultimate kitchen companion, our stand mixers are investment pieces that are designed to be used again and again- and built to last. And because we know they often sit pride of place on your worktop, we design them to look good too, using premium, high quality materials and incorporating stylish contemporary features. 

So, it’s important to clean and maintain them regularly. Using the splashguard will help reduce mess while your mixer is at work, preventing splashing and dust from ingredients like icing sugar escaping and gathering in any nooks and crannies. All our stand mixers are also fitted with a clever ‘soft start’ function to minimise spillages when you first start mixing your ingredients. 

Titanium Chef Patissier XL
Cleaning Instructions

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  1. Before you start cleaning your stand mixer, always switch it off and unplug.
  2. Bowls: Your stainless steel mixing bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, or by hand in warm soapy water, before being dried thoroughly. Never use a wire brush, steel wool or bleach to clean your bowls. 
  3. Power unit and outlet covers: Never immerse in water. Simply wipe down with a damp (not wet) cloth, then leave to dry. Pay special attention to areas where ingredients can collect, such as around the control dial or bowl tool socket. An old toothbrush can help shift any residue build up from any hard to reach areas.
  4. Tools and splashguard: All your tools and the splashguard can be cleaned in the dishwasher, or by hand. Dry thoroughly before storing or using again. 

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