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Everyday making with the
Kenwood dicing attachment


If you want to spend less time preparing ingredients in the kitchen, a dicing attachment is the perfect addition to our range of stand mixers including the Kenwood Chef range and Titanium Patissier XL. 

The easy-to-use tool fits on top of your stand mixer and dices ingredients into evenly sized pieces - great for salads, soups, pizza toppings and so much more!

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your dicing attachment by preparing cheese, cooked meats and different types of fruit and vegetables to add into delicious meals.

Why use a dicer attachment?

KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Desktop_0002_KW Article_Dicing attachment_3_Desktop.jpg KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Mobile_0002_KW Article_Dicing attachment_3_Mobile.jpg.jpg
Dicing ingredients manually can be a slow process, especially in larger quantities. A dicing attachment is a really useful (and sometimes underrated) tool to use with your stand mixer, allowing you to reduce food prep time and get creative in the kitchen.

The attachment makes light work of dicing foods into 1cm cubes with its stainless steel dicing disc. Dice directly into your bowl or container thanks to the attachment’s continuous action, with a choice of two feed tubes for different sized ingredients. 

You can dice a range of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onion and peppers, as well as hard cheeses and cooked meats to use in mouth-watering recipes. The attachment is also easy to clean and compact to store, so you don’t need to find extra space in your kitchen for extra equipment!

For cheese

Save time and effort by dicing low moisture, hard mozzarella cheese with your attachment for a perfect pizza topping, or to add to salads. 

And to make fondue, you can dice gruyere, gouda or fontina cheese to slowly melt down into the Swiss delicacy. The versatile Indian speciality, paneer, is also delicious diced and added into curries, wraps or skewers.

Top tip - dice the cheese straight from the fridge and avoid trying to use any soft or crumbly cheeses as they are likely to fall apart or get stuck in the blade.

Ideal for harder vegetables

KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Desktop_0003_KW Article_Dicing attachment_4_Desktop.jpg KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Mobile_0003_KW Article_Dicing attachment_4_Mobile.jpg.jpg
Dicing harder vegetables by hand can not only be time-consuming but also use a lot of arm power. 

Use your dicing attachment to prepare vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, swede or celery into uniform pieces for a range of soups and sauces. 

Try our spicy potatoes side dish to serve with your next family meal, or to use up any leftover vegetables, our Mirepoix recipe is a great way to put your tool to good use.

Finely chopped fruit or veg

KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Desktop_0004_KW Article_Dicing attachment_5_Desktop.jpg KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Mobile_0004_KW Article_Dicing attachment_5_Mobile.jpg.jpg
Dice fruit for tasty fresh fruit salads, chunky compotes or dried fruit mix using your dicing attachment. 

For harder fruits such as apples and pears, remove the skin, core and pips and add the pieces into the feed tube. Kiwis, grapes and watermelon can also be diced, but do note that they may not fully hold their shape - they’re best diced straight from the fridge. 

Other types of veg

KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Desktop_0005_KW Article_Dicing attachment_6_Desktop.jpg KW_5 ways to use your Kenwood dicing attachment_Mobile_0005_KW Article_Dicing attachment_6_Mobile.jpg.jpg
The sky's the limit with dicing vegetables - think onion, cucumber, courgette, aubergine, mushrooms, pepper. 

Using your dicing attachment is a brilliant way to get more vegetables into your food such as pie fillings, salads, fajitas and sauces (especially for children!)

Our shepherd’s salad is also a tasty side dish packed full of veg - and goes really well with roasted chicken and the spicy potatoes that we mentioned earlier on. 

Discover our range of kitchen attachments

The dicing attachment is compatible with the following stand 

Chef/Major models beginning with KM
Sense/ Sense XL
Chef/ Chef XL (post 2016) models beginning with KVC or KVL 
Patissier XL 
Chef Baker
Cooking Chef 

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