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12 Creative Ways to Use Your
Kenwood Stand Mixer

Your stand mixer is one of the most versatile appliances you’ll ever own. If you’re a keen baker you’ll already be using yours regularly to whisk, knead and mix. But with over 25 optional attachments to choose from, there are so many other ways your stand mixer can help you create beyond the world of baking. From blending and mincing to slicing, grating and dicing; there’s a stand mixer attachment for pretty much every kind of dish. So here’s a guide to just some of the things you may not have realised you could do with your Kenwood stand mixer.

Mashed potato

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Creamy, lump-free mashed potato, without the arm workout? Yes please. Just tip your cooked potatoes into the mixer bowl while they're still warm and then add butter and milk or cream. Insert our signature, stainless steel K-Beater and beat until smooth. 
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If you own a Cooking Chef XL you can also boil the potatoes in the bowl first too, which all helps
save on washing up!
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Shredding meat

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Pulled pork sandwiches are a fail-safe crowd pleaser, and your stand mixer takes all the hard work (and mess) out of shredding meat. Cook a joint like pork shoulder and cut into medium-sized pieces before transferring to the mixer bowl while the meat is still warm. Use the K beater and turn the mixer on low, mixing until all the meat is shredded. You can also do the same with leftover roast chicken, beef or turkey and freeze to use later in stir fries, meat pies, salads or sandwiches. 
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There’s no beating the flavour and consistency of homemade mayonnaise.. It couldn't be easier to make using your stand mixer and the whisk bowl tool. A basic mayonnaise recipe gives you a blank canvas to add herbs and spices to add a new depth of flavour.

Making brown sugar

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Next time you’re midway through a baking recipe before realising you’ve run out of brown sugar, fear not. Did you know you can actually make your own using your stand mixer? All you need is granulated white sugar and molasses. Add both to your bowl and blend with your K-Beater on a low speed for a couple of minutes until evenly mixed. You can play around with the ratios, but the more molasses you add, the darker your sugar and the stronger the flavour. If you haven't got molasses, treacle will also do the trick.
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Making guacamole

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Super quick and super easy, you can whizz up this fresh and zingy guacamole dip in minutes using your stand mixer’s food processor attachment. The intuitive speed settings give you complete control of texture so it can be as chunky or smooth as you like. This guacamole goes perfectly with the Mexican Turkey Burgers, which can also be used with the food mincer attachment.


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To truly master meringue you need some high speed mixing, so this is where using a stand mixer can take yours to the next level. Use the whisk to create perfectly stiff, glossy peaks, every time. 

Mixing meatballs

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Spaghetti and meatballs are an easy family favourite and you can make up your own homemade meatballs in no time at all using your stand mixer. Simply let your machine combine the ingredients for you, and if you have a food mincer attachment you can even grind your own meat first. Served with garlic bread, these mouthwatering cheesy baked meatballs are hard to beat.

Spiralise vegetables

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Trying to up your daily fruit and veg intake? Use the spiralizer attachment to turn fruit and vegetables into spirals, noodles or ribbons and transform everyday dishes into more five a day friendly versions. The attachment comes with five different blades to enable you to create a variety of dishes, from thicker ribbons of cucumber or carrot to add some colour and crunch to a summery salad to long spaghetti-style noodles of courgette for a low-carb alternative to pasta. Or how about a healthier take on a takeaway favourite? These Vegetable Spring Rolls are packed full of veg and flavour with the dipping sauce.

Make sausages and Kebbe

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With the right equipment homemade sausages are easy to make, and so much tastier (and healthier) than the shop bought alternatives. Fitting the Chef stand mixer models, the food mincer attachment enables you to mince large quantities of meat effortlessly. You can then customise your fillings to experiment with different flavours. 
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For a vegetarian alternative, have you ever tried Kebbe? Created using the Kebbe attachment this Middle Eastern croquette, usually made with bulgur wheat and herbs and spices is a lesser known treat.
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Making fresh fruit juice

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Fancy starting each morning with a glass of refreshing fruit juice? How does Pear and Pineapple Drop sound to start you off? Use our juice extractor attachment to make your favourite fruit or vegetable juice without any mess or fuss. You don’t need to peel, core or deseed the fruit, and the extra wide feed tube even allows you to use whole apples. The clean pouring spout and foam filter means all you get is smooth homemade juice, without the bits.  


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Fluffy, cloud-like homemade marshmallows are perfect dunked in hot chocolate, and also make a great gift. The good news is, they’re a lot easier to make than you think when you use your stand mixer.  Our mixers feature powerful motors ranging from 900-1700W that are more than up to the job of transforming the sugar syrup into the sticky marshmallow batter. We love these raspberry spiked marshmallows using the Cooking Chef XL but you can adapt the basic recipe to have fun with different flavours and ingredients. 

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For more inspiration on getting the most out of your Kenwood stand mixer, why not check out our selection of stand mixer recipes? From cakes and bakes through to hearty comfort food, sauces and dressings to fresh pasta and stir fries, you’ll be amazed at just how much it can help you do. Its time to get properly acquainted with your new best friend in the kitchen. What shall we make today?