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Making Italian meringue

Made from simple ingredients, meringue making is a versatile baking technique to learn.

With Italian Meringue, eggs are whipped into feather-light peaks with a warm sugar syrup added to the mixture. It holds its shape well and doesn’t need to be baked, which is perfect for combining with fruit purees or whipped cream, as well as topping cakes and desserts.

Follow our quick and simple guide to making beautifully soft and glossy Italian meringue using the ‘Italian meringue’ preset on your Cooking Chef XL.

We’ll also share some recipes to put your newfound skill to the test - why not try lemon meringue cupcakes or vanilla and chocolate baked alaska for your next bake?


Using your stand mixer

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When making Italian meringue, your stand mixer really simplifies the creation process.

Simply place the ingredients into the mixer bowl and let your Cooking Chef XL get to work. There’s no need to worry about over whisking or overheating the sugar mixture thanks to the useful temperature and time controls.

By creating your meringue in one bowl there’s a lot less mess, too!

Making Italian Meringue

Preparing ahead

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Follow this step-by-step guide to make Italian meringue using the ‘Italian meringue’ preset on
the Cooking Chef XL.

The below recipe makes enough quantity for 12 meringue topped cupcakes, for example.

The ingredients you’ll need are: 
2 egg whites
100g caster sugar
½ tsp cornflour

Cooking Chef XL
Whisk tool
Mixer bowl 
Splash guard

You can get ahead by measuring the ingredients listed above and preparing your baking area. 


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Making Italian meringue with your stand mixer is a really simple process:

1. Add the ingredients to the bowl.

3. Fit the whisk tool and when the mixer head is down, fit the splash guard. 

3. Select the ‘Italian Meringue’ preset.

Follow our useful video for using the Italian meringue preset on the Cooking Chef XL.

Italian meringue tips

When it comes to meringue making with your stand mixer, it's all in the preparation.

We’ve put together some top tips to help you make the perfect Italian meringue time and time again:

Why not try…

Using your Cooking Chef XL is a failsafe way to make Italian meringue at home. Now that you’ve learnt this basic skill, you’ll be able to create delicious meringue-based cakes and desserts with ease.

For a sweet treat for all the family to enjoy, try these gorgeous lemon meringue cupcakes with tangy lemon curd and gooey Italian meringue topping.

Or for a retro dessert, our vanilla and chocolate baked alaskas are really special - a light sponge topped with creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream and an Italian meringue topping.