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Getting to grips with your Titanium Chef Baker/ XL

Delivering both style and substance, the Titanium Chef Baker and Titanium Chef Baker XL are premium stand mixers made for the passionate home baker. With direct to bowl weighing, a delicate fold function and high-performance tools, every one of these mixers' smart features are designed to make your baking experience more efficient and enjoyable.

You can switch up the colour of your mixer’s top cover to suit your style. And with a vast range of optional attachments, from blenders to pasta makers available, every mixer in the range can be adapted to do so much more beyond baking.

So, with a machine this versatile, it’s important you are getting the most from it. In this guide we’ll highlight the key features, as well as share recipes for some of the delicious sweet and savoury dishes you can create together. From s’mores doughnuts and a pecan swirl skillet bread to a spiced lamb flatbread, with the Chef Baker range there really is no limit to your creativity.


Built-in weighing

Cut down on mess and save time by taking advantage of precise built in digital scales. Available on all Chef Baker models, simply weigh your ingredients directly into the bowl as you go for effortless baking, without interruption. 

You can weigh ingredients individually or incrementally, and if you’re using one of the optional attachments such as the blender or food processor, you can even weigh directly into them, too. 

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Putting the dough tool to work

Save your arms the workout- mixing and kneading dough is a breeze with the Titanium Chef Baker range. Our dough tool, with the help of Kenwood’s unique planetary mixing which covers the whole bowl, is designed to distribute yeast evenly throughout the dough, pulling and stretching it to get maximum rise without tearing or overworking it. And thanks to the powerful 1200W motor, you can be confident that this mixer can handle even the heaviest of doughs. 

From focaccias and flatbreads through to brioche buns and seeded loaves, and pasta and pizza doughs, use your Titanium Chef Baker/XL to make all varieties of dough, knowing that you’ll get consistent results, every time. 

These buttery vegan saffron buns are also traditionally enjoyed at breakfast. Make the dough the night before (it takes less than 10 minutes to knead in your mixer) and then shape and bake in the morning. 

Those with a sweet tooth will find it hard to resist these soft and chewy decorated pretzels, made using an enriched dough and dipped in yoghurt and chocolate. 

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Customising your machine

Thanks to a range of over 25 optional attachments, your Chef Baker/XL is so much more than just a stand mixer. With attachments available to blend, mince, grate, juice, slice, dice, spiralize- even make your own fresh pasta shapes, you can customise your Chef to be the ultimate kitchen companion.

Our white Titanium Chef Baker .65 model (available in standard and XL sizes) is also our first customisable Chef mixer. Interchangeable top covers are available in a range of stylish colours, from Sage Green to Apricot Pink, so you can update the look of your Chef to complement the rest of your kitchen, or inject a bit of personality into your decor. With Champagne Cream fitted as standard, simply pop off and click on a new shade whenever you fancy a change. 

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A light touch for baking

From the delicate fold function and direct to bowl weighing to the digitally controlled motor which intuitively adjusts to whatever you’re making, every element of these mixers is designed with bakers in mind- as their name suggests.  And then there’s the iconic K-Beater tool, your secret weapon when it comes to effortlessly whipping up cakes, biscuits and pastries. Its signature design means it reaches all areas of the bowl for an even mix, without the need to continually stop and scrape down any ingredients left behind. 

If you’re baking for a crowd, the Chef Baker XL models boast an impressive 7L capacity mixing bowl, while the silver model also includes a second smaller 5L mixing bowl, which handily nests inside when not in use for easy storage. This comes in handy when you’re baking these mini lemon and thyme cakes, as there’s no need to stop baking mid-flow and wash up your bowl when you’re ready to make the thyme-infused icing. As you can see in this video, you use the creaming beater to combine the mix for this bake-its pliable wings scrape the sides of the bowl to ensure a perfectly light and even consistency. 

This mixed berry buns recipe is another one that is instantly made easier thanks to the Nesting DuoBowl™. Make the sweet enriched dough using the spiral dough tool and then swap in the smaller bowl and fit the creaming beater to make the creamy cheese filling. 

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Creating savoury delights

If you regularly bake cakes and pastries, your Chef Baker/XL will certainly be put to good use. But don’t forget about all the mouthwatering savoury dishes you can rustle up for family meals and big gatherings too.  

Use your mixer to knead the dough for this spiced lamb flatbread in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. Topped with spiced minced lamb, feta, red onion and a scattering of fresh herbs, it works really well as a shared starter. Simply slice it up and serve with olives and lemon wedges. 

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Celebration bakes and desserts

One of the wonderful things about baking with a stand mixer is while it's whizzing through a creaming or kneading task, you’re left hands-free to get on with something else. With such a speedy and efficient kitchen companion at your side to help you power through a recipe, you might feel inspired to try your hand at some more involved- and impressive, desserts and bakes for that next special occasion.

This blueberry and lemon tiramisu, a fresh and fruity twist on the Italian classic with layers of creamy mascarpone, blueberry sauce and lemon curd sandwiched between spongy lady fingers, is the perfect summertime dessert to serve your guests. It uses homemade lady fingers rather than shop bought, but they’re actually very simple to make, with the Chef Baker’s delicate fold function ensuring they are deliciously featherlight. 

And from mixing and kneading the dough in less than 15 minutes to whipping up the fluffiest meringue topping, your Chef Baker XL will make it stress-free from start to finish. 

Blueberry Tiramisu Desktop 792x400.png Blueberry Tiramisu Mobile 334x170.png