Congratulations on purchasing your new Chef Sense Machine

If you have previously owned a Kenwood Chef, you will notice that the slow speed outlet connection is updated in the Chef Sense. The bar-shaped connection has been replaced with the new easy Twist-fit connection. You can continue using your older slow speed attachments with the Chef Sense, using the Twist-fit adaptor.

The Twist-fit adaptor can be purchased separately; the adaptor is not included in pack.

About the Twist-fit adaptor

Previous Kenwood Kitchen Machines used a bar shaped connection on slow speed attachments. By purchasing the Twist-fit adaptor, you can continue to fit these attachments to the new Chef Sense, giving you many more years of use from your existing attachments.

Chef Sense Kitchen machine twist adaptor for attachments

Which attachment can I use with my Chef Sense?

The new Twist-fit connection is for attachments that work with the slow speed power outlet, positioned behind a removable cover on the front of the machine. The slow speed drive is essential for preparation tasks like pasta rolling and cutting, creating mince meat and sausages, pressing fruit, and shredding and slicing vegetables.

Twist-fit attachments start with the product code KAX. Slow speed attachments that do not start with KAX will need the Twist-fit adaptor to work with the Chef Sense.


Dicer KAX400PL or MGX400 (with adaptor)

Ideal for hard root vegetables, hard cheeses and meats. The stainless steel dicing disc and grid creates 10mm x 10mm cubes.


Rotary Slicer/Grater KAX643ME or AT643 (with adaptor)

This attachment has a continuous grating and slicing action for preparing large quantities of food, saving you time and effort.


Food Grinder KAX950ME or AT950 (with adaptor)

Supplied with fine, medium and coarse screens, this attachment can be used for grinding all kinds of meat, vegetables and nuts.

Pasta Shaper

Pasta Shaper KAX910ME orAT910 (with adaptor)

Allows pasta to be cut into different shapes. The attachment comes complete with a bronze Rigati die and trimming blade.

Pasta Cutters

Pasta Cutters KAX974ME (Spaghetti) or AT971 (with adaptor)

Creates perfect spaghetti, feeding the pasta through its high-quality stainless steel body.

Pasta Roller

Pasta Roller KAX970ME or AT970 (with adaptor)

The high quality stainless steel body has nine different thickness settings and a roller to feed the pasta through with ease.

Fruit Press

Fruit Press KAX644ME or AT644 (with adaptor)

The fruit press produces healthy juices, delicious purées and sauces from soft fruits, berries, spinach leaves and wheat grass.


Grinding Mill KAX941PL or AT941 (with adaptor)

Ideal for producing natural or gluten-free flours from rice, oats, chickpeas and many other ingredients.


How do I use the Twist-fit Adaptor?

How to fit the fit twist attachment adaptor for your Kenwood Chef Sense