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Making ice cream and frozen desserts

When it comes to frozen desserts, there’s nothing better than making your own delicious creations at home. With the frozen dessert maker attachment, you can make ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts with minimal effort and mess.

Whether you’re trying new flavour combinations or sticking to a childhood favourite, having homemade treats in the freezer will delight all the family!

Follow our step-by-step guide and learn how to make a batch of classic strawberry ice-cream, before getting creative with different desserts such as peach melba and vegan salted caramel ice-creams.


Using the frozen dessert maker attachment

GLACIER_KENWOOD167_147-1584x1200.jpg GLACIER_KENWOOD167_147-1584x1200.jpg
Our frozen dessert maker is a versatile attachment for your stand mixer, helping you to create delicious desserts in no time at all.

The attachment sits snugly inside the stand mixer bowl and comes with a pre-freeze bowl, mixing paddle and bowl adapter. The 1L bowl is perfect for making large batches of frozen desserts, too!

Let the mixing paddle do all the hard work for you, churning fruits, chocolate and other flavours and toppings with ease. Before making your desserts, we also recommend placing the pre-freeze bowl in the freezer overnight.

You can watch our video guide to find out how to assemble the attachment on your stand mixer.

Getting ahead

GLACIER_BOWL_KENWOOD167_926-1584x1200.jpg GLACIER_BOWL_KENWOOD167_926-1584x1200.jpg
Follow this step-by-step guide to make a batch of delicious strawberry ice cream using the frozen dessert maker attachment.

It takes around 1 hour to make (not including freezing time) and serves 6-8.

The ingredients you’ll need are: 400g ripe strawberries 200ml double cream 75g caster sugar Juice of ½ lemon

Tools:   Loaf Tin Ice Cream Maker Stand mixer (this recipe is for the Titanium Chef Patissier XL) 5L and 7L bowls (from mixer)

NB: You need to keep the frozen dessert attachment bowl in the freezer for 24 hours before.

You can get ahead by measuring the ingredients listed above and preparing your baking area.

Making ice cream

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Making strawberry ice cream with your stand mixer is a really simple process:

1. Attach the small bowl and creaming beater to the stand mixer

2. Pour the strawberries into the bowl and mix until the strawberries make a puree (having some lumps is fine)

3. Pour the lemon, cream and sugar into the bowl with the puree and mix until combined

4. Pour the mixture into a loaf tin and refrigerate for 1-2 hours

5. Fit the large bowl and ice cream maker to the stand mixer

6. Turn on the machine

7. Pour the mix into the machine and churn until the mixture is firm

8. Freeze the mixture until it can be scooped

Best served on top of warm waffles with fresh strawberries!

Why not try…

VEGAN_ICE_CREAM_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg VEGAN_ICE_CREAM_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg
Now that you’ve mastered the basics of the frozen dessert maker attachment, you’ll be able to make a range of tantalising desserts at home.

Get creative with flavours and toppings, try alternative milks and low sugar desserts - the options are endless!

This light and fruity peach melba ice cream is always a hit in the summer months. Also, our vegan salted caramel ice cream tastes truly decadent but is made with coconut milk and cashews for a delicious dairy-free alternative.

You can find out which stand mixers the frozen dessert maker attachment is compatible with here.

If you enjoyed learning to make ice cream, check out our Masterclass articles and find out how to melt and temper chocolate and make caramel with your stand mixer!