Kenwood Chef & Chef XL Attachments

For culinary connoisseurs, only the best equipment is good enough to maximise your potential as a chef. Kenwood’s Chef and Major series combine precision, power and engineering expertise to give you top-level results every time in the kitchen. In order to get the most out of these elite machines, we’ve designed a range of specialist attachments — now you can customise your kitchen machine to match your skill, style and menu choice. Push your culinary boundaries even further with the highest standard of versatility and make your creative options endless.

Please note, our attachments are compatible with all Chef and Major models, excluding older Chef or Major models with a number beginning “A7”. Some attachments may require an adapter. Find out by clicking on each attachment, or check our guide can also be found by clicking here.

Pushed for time? Leave laborious food prep to us. Using the full range of attachments, your Chef or Major mixer will perform a range of manual tasks to the highest level so you don’t have to. Slice, rasp and shred fresh vegetables in seconds with the rotary slicer and grater. Prepare salads, rosti and fresh slaws with rapid efficiency using the continuous slicer. Effortlessly produce fine purées and freshly ground coffee with the compact chopper and grinder. The Chef and Major attachments make tedious tasks a thing of the past so you can enjoy quality cooking time.

We know that in a gourmet kitchen, precision is everything. Our Chef and Major attachments deliver painstaking results so your cuisine is consistently exquisite. Whether you’re dicing or juicing, grating or mincing, your cooking will be meticulously precise thanks to these specialty tools. Press pure juice from whole fruit and avoid pith, pulp and foam with the metal juice extractor. And for even greater precision try our attachable fruit press. Specially designed to crush small ingredients like berries, grasses and botanicals, the fruit press lets you experiment with daring flavours to create memorable cocktails, sumptuous sauces and bold concentrates. Or for mince with the perfect texture, our meat mincer comes with three changeable screens to expertly produce fine, medium or course mince. Now your Chef or Major mixer can make additive-free burgers and delicious sausages. Our expertly designed attachments let you create food exactly the way you want it.

Experiment and expand your repertoire. The Chef and Major attachments don't simply make it easier to prepare amazing food, they open up a world of creative culinary possibilities. Wanting unique freshly baked bread? Our Grinding Mill allows you to create your own flour from grain, millet, rice and pulses for a truly artisan loaf. And now you can whip up something cool for summer. The Frozen Dessert Maker attachment lets you make up zingy sorbets and natural ice creams from scratch. Or you can make pasta like an Italian with the Pasta Roller and Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter attachments to create an authentic accompaniment for your homemade pasta sauces. The possibilities are endless with this seriously versatile range of attachments.