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How to chop onions in a food processor

Onions are an essential ingredient in so many recipes, bringing a rich depth of flavour and adding texture. They can be roasted, fried, caramelised or served raw, forming the basis of many soups, stocks, sauces, curries and stews.

Using your food processor to chop, slice or mince this versatile vegetable is a real time-saver, allowing you to prep even large quantities in seconds, and ready to get on with the next stage of your recipe. In this short guide we’ll show you how to use your food processor to prep onions like a pro.


Using a food processor to prepare onions

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Whether you need to chop onions ready to cook for tonight’s dinner or prep some in advance for a mass batch-cooking session, using your MultiPro food processor will help you do it quickly and easily, and produce consistent, evenly-sized results.

Models with the Express Serve™attachment, like the ultra-compact MultiPro Go, allow you to slice an unlimited quantity directly onto a plate or into a pan, while keeping the main bowl clean.

Another added bonus of using a food processor rather than a knife to cut up your onions? You'll save yourself a lot of tears, too.

Chopping onions with the knife blade

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Chopping and mincing your onions: 
  • Start by removing the onion’s papery skin and slicing off both the top and root with a sharp knife. Cut into quarters. 
  • Fit your food processor’s knife blade. Place the onion in the food processor bowl and secure the lid. 
  • Process until you achieve the desired size. Use the pulse function in short bursts for chopped onions. For a finer, more minced consistency, process in longer bursts.

Slicing onions

ZATAR_CHICKEN_Slicing-3-1584x1200.jpg ZATAR_CHICKEN_Slicing-3-1584x1200.jpg
You can also use your food processor to slice onions:
  • Prepare your onion by peeling it and slicing off the ends, before cutting into quarters. 
  • Place the slicing blade in the food processor bowl and secure the lid. Assembly may vary depending on your model, so always check your product manual. 
  • Turn your food processor on and insert the onion quarters through the feed tube, one by one. Using smaller segments will work better.

Onion storage tips

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Onions contain a lot of water, so you may find there is some excess liquid in the food processor bowl after processing. We suggest draining the water away before you remove the onions from the bowl.

Chopped or sliced onions can be kept in a sealed container in the fridge for 1-2 days, making them an ideal ingredient to prep ahead. Raw chopped onion can also be stored in the freezer in sealed freezer bags. These can then be added to recipes and cooked straight from frozen.

Why not try…

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The humble onion is the cornerstone of so many mouth-watering dishes.

Try this classic french onion soup made using your food processor attachment, with sliced onions that are slowly caramelised for a really deep, comforting flavour. Or this deliciously aromatic chicken rogan josh curry, with sliced onions and garlic forming the base of the spicy tomato sauce.