What to bake for World Baking Day

World Baking Day is the perfect excuse to don your apron, roll up your sleeves and try out a new baking recipe. From crumbly cookies to celebration cakes, here are some of our favourite bakes for you to try at home.

If we ever needed a reason to try out a new recipe, World Baking Day is it. Taking place each year on the third Sunday in May, and what better way to celebrate everything there is to love about baking than to whip up some tasty treats to share with family and friends.

So whether you’re a beginner keen to learn new skills, looking for something simple to make with the kids or want to add a new showstopper to your baking repertoire, here are some of our favourite cakes, bakes and treats from the Kenwood chefs’ kitchen to inspire you, including some indulgent blueberry cheesecake buns and an iconic French patisserie classic. What will you be baking for World Baking Day?

Red velvet crinkle cookies

3L2A3896_red-velvet-cookies_1584x800.jpg 3L2A3896_red-velvet-cookies_1584x800.jpg
Coating the dough with two different types of sugar before baking gives these deliciously soft and chewy red velvet cookies their distinctive crackled crust. Simple to make but impressive to look at (and even better to eat!), they’re perfect for sharing.

Chocolate mousse cake

3L2A1610_chocolate-mousse-cake_1584x800.jpg 3L2A1610_chocolate-mousse-cake_1584x800.jpg
With a sponge base and silky smooth mousse top, we’re not quite sure whether this richly indulgent chocolate mousse cake should be classed as a cake or a dessert, but we do know it always goes down well. For a real treat serve with this coffee-infused hot mocha sauce.

Decorated pretzels

Decorated-Pretzels_1584x800.jpg Decorated-Pretzels_1584x800.jpg
With their golden brown chewy crust and soft and pillowy middle, pretzels are a delicious baked treat that are surprisingly easy to make using your stand mixer.  Use this recipe to take the classic pretzel to the next level by dipping it in either melted milk chocolate or yoghurt and decorating with freeze-dried raspberries, chopped hazelnuts and drizzled chocolate.

Paris-Brest with Praline Mousseline

227121_10770-12-grade-v4-5061_RT_1584x800.jpg 227121_10770-12-grade-v4-5061_RT_1584x800.jpg
Looking to wow your guests with a showstopper of a dessert? This classic French pastry is made by filling a ring of choux pastry with a soft and fluffy praline crème mousseline, before finishing off with a dusting of sugar. It may take a bit of time to create but the elegant results are sure to impress- a showstopper indeed.

Blueberry cheesecake buns

3L2A8302_blueberry-cheesecake-buns_1584x800.jpg 3L2A8302_blueberry-cheesecake-buns_1584x800.jpg
The ultimate tea time indulgence. From mixing and proving the buttery dough to making the cheesecake mixture and the crumble topping, your Cooking Chef XL gets put to good use at every stage of this recipe, so keep things simple and connect to the Kenwood World app for step by step recipe guidance sent straight to your mixer.

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