Fun Kid’s Bakes & Cakes Recipes

Making cakes and bakes with kids is a brilliant way to do something as a family. It’s a great activity to keep them entertained when you need to, it helps to build life skills, plus you will all get to enjoy some tasty treats at the end of it. We have collected some of our favourite cake and bake recipes for you to make with your children. If you’re looking to make some of these recipes a bit healthier, feel free to experiment with swapping chocolate with fruit or cutting down the sugar quantity by 20%, still guaranteed a tasty bake! Many of these recipes use a Kenwood stand mixer or other kitchen machines, to help you make this experience even better. Be sure to always supervise your children when using our products to ensure everyone can be safe during the cooking process. Let’s explore some of our favourite cakes and bakes you can make with the kids!


Chocolate Layered Cake

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_2.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_2.jpg
A moist chocolate cake which has layers of cherry jam and butter icing sandwiched between sponge. It is topped with more butter icing, a ganache and decorated with fresh cherries and chocolate shavings.

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Carrot Cake

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_3.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_3.jpg
This carrot cake recipe is quick to make and features a mouth-watering cream cheese frosting in the middle and on top. The kids can get decorating with chopped walnuts and seeds too.

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Caramel Apple Cupcakes

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_4.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_4.jpg
These cute little apple cupcakes have a buttercream topping, drizzled with sticky caramel, which makes them irresistible to both children and adults alike.

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White Chocolate and Speculoos Blondies

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_6.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_6.jpg
A delicious recipe that uses white chocolate and speculoos spread to produce gooey blondies. If you’re feeling like being extra indulgent, add a drizzle of dark chocolate or more white chocolate.

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Cherry and Jam Lamingtons

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_8.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_8.jpg
The Lamington is a popular Australian sponge cake recipe and this version is smothered with cherry jam and then coated with desiccated coconut.

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Cheese and Paprika Twists

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_10.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_10.jpg
A savoury favourite with kids, these tangy and cheesy pastry twists are fun to make too. Serve them with a dip of your choice, such as hummus or even a cheese sauce.

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4 Ingredient Breakfast Bars

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_11.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_11.jpg
As the name suggests, this super-simple recipe needs just 4 ingredients to produce tasty breakfast bars. Great on their own, but also brilliant to serve with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

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Ready to bake with your kids?

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We hope that you have been inspired by these recipes to get baking and making as a family. 

And remember you can make the experience even easier and more fun with our range of stand mixers.

Pumpkin Cake (traybake)

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_13.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_13.jpg
This recipe is perfect for Halloween and is a great way to use up the fresh pumpkin after you have done your carving. The cake itself also includes sultanas, orange, mixed spice and muscovado sugar. And the yummy topping includes soft cheese and more orange to flavour.

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Berry Pizza

KW_Easy cakes with kids_Desktop_14.jpg KW_Easy cakes with kids_Mobile_14.jpg
Kids love pizza, so this recipe gives them something different to try. The pizza base is sweetened and topped with ricotta, mixed berries and pine nuts. The garnishes here are honey, red currants and fresh mint, but you can let the kids can experiment with others.

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