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Getting to grips with the Prospero +

Reliable and versatile, the Prospero+ is our most compact stand mixer, making it the perfect choice for a first stand mixer, or if you simply want to maximise space on your worktop.

Whether you need to whisk up a soufflé, mix a cake batter or frosting or knead pizza dough, the Prospero+ has the tools to support you in any baking task, helping you deliver superior results in less time, and with less effort.


Why use the Prospero +?

Don’t let its size fool you. While the Prospero+ may be small, there’s no compromise when it comes to what it can do. With a powerful motor and generously sized bowl, this stand mixer can help you create a range of dishes and process large quantities of ingredients with ease.

All models in the range come with a set of versatile, dishwasher-safe tools, with a range of additional in-pack attachments available to turn your stand mixer into a true all-in-one kitchen companion.

What’s included in the box?

Despite its compact design, the Prospero+ boasts a 4.3L stainless steel bowl that is ideal for a batch baking session. A set of three versatile and durable bowl tools are included as standard with all models- whisk, dough tool and our iconic K-Beater, while the splashguard helps liquids, or fine powders like icing sugar, stay in the bowl during mixing. Some models also come with additional attachments, like the Prospero+ White which comes with a food processor with chopping blade and 3 slicing discs, or the Prospero+ White + Blender, which includes a plastic blender attachment.

The Prospero+ is also available to buy with one of our megapacks of additional attachments, designed to expand the mixer’s capabilities way beyond baking.

Choose the 5 attachments pack, which includes a food processor with chopping blade and 3 slicing discs, plastic blender, food mincer, juice extractor and citrus juicer attachments. The 3 attachments pack includes a food processor with chopping blade and 3 slicing discs, plastic blender and citrus juicer attachments.

Generous bowl size

Feeding a crowd is no problem thanks to the Prospero+’s generous 4.3L bowl, with enough capacity to bake up to 36 cupcakes in a single batch, or pizza dough for 6 people. The mixer’s unique planetary mixing action ensures that the entire side, centre and bottom of the bowl is covered as you mix, so nothing is left behind- even when working with very small quantities. 

1000w motor

The Prospero+’s powerful 1000w motor means it can take on any recipe you throw at it, from mixing cake batters and whisking up egg whites to even kneading heavy bread doughs. Variable speed control and pulse function offers you all the versatility and control you need for mixing and food preparation. 

A multi-tasking machine

1584x1200KAP70.000GY_prospero_attachment_-21.jpg 1584x1200KAP70.000GY_prospero_attachment_-21.jpg
Equipped with a set of three multi-tasking bowl tools, the Prospero+ can tackle pretty much any baking task. However, if you’re looking for a mixer that can do even more, the full in-pack attachment range offers a range of bowl tools and attachments that can turn your Prospero+ into a blender, food processor, mincer, juicer and so much more. Just choose the pack that meets your needs. 

Find out more about the Prospero + range

1584x1200_LIFESTYLE_SHARD_KENWOOD13874_046.jpg 1584x1200_LIFESTYLE_SHARD_KENWOOD13874_046.jpg
You can find out more about just how much the Prospero+ can do, and the full range of mixers, including the in-pack attachments, here.