Cooking Chef KCC9060S


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Ultimate creativity with induction heating. Not only does it mix, whisk and knead, but you can cook in the bowl too.

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Versatile cooking
Versatile cooking The heated induction system enables you to cook meals directly in the bowl. Sumptuous stews, sizzling stir-fries and perfectly poached salmon can all be achieved.
Precision cooking
Precision cooking Getting the best out of some recipes and ingredients requires care and accuracy. You can increase the temperature in the bowl 1° at a time, from 20°C for tempering chocolate right up to 180°C for stir frying meat.
Cuisine made easier
Cuisine made easier To help you master new techniques, the machine includes 24 pre-programmed settings for a multitude of different dishes. The easy-to-use programmes will automatically change temperature, and adjust stir intervals and power in the background.
Gentle and powerful control
Gentle and powerful control The electronic speed control enables you to select the precise speed needed for your creation. Use the additional fold function to gently fold ingredients for the ultimate soufflé.
My Chef, my way
My Chef, my way With over 25 optional attachments available, you can tailor your kitchen machine to create whatever you like in the kitchen. Transform your Chef to fit your needs and open up a world of possibilities.
Created for you
Created for you The professional quality, stainless steel bowl tools will transform your kitchen machine to suit your culinary needs. Knead, mix, whisk, cream and stir ingredients to create the ultimate dishes.
It does all the heavy lifting
It does all the heavy lifting Get all the speed and power you need to achieve perfect results with the powerful 1500W motor. Effortlessly whip up a fluffy meringue or knead a delicious sourdough.
Room to create and perfect
Room to create and perfect The 6.7L bowl allows you to make both small and large quantities.



Tidsurfunksjon: Ja
Elektronisk hastighetskontroll: Ja
Pulsfunksjon: Ja
Total miksefunksjon: Ja
Eltefunksjon: Ja
Induksjonsteknologi: Ja

generelle spesifikasjoner

Størrelse (L x B x H) (cm): 40 x 34.5 x 37
Bollestørrelse (L): 6.7
Vekt (kg): 12.88
Husmateriale: Die cast brushed metal
Hastighet: Variable
Bollemateriale: Polished stainless steel
Bolleverktøymateriale: Stainless steel
Farge: Silver


Deigverktøy: Ja
Visp: Ja
K-visp: Ja
Røreverktøy: Ja
Blendermateriale: Thermoresist with stir stick
Blender: Ja
Krempisk: Ja
Dampkurv: Ja
Foodprosessor: Ja


Kapasitet – kake (kg): 4.55
Kapasitet – deig (kg): 2.6
Kapasitet – mel til bakverk (kg): 910g
Kapasitet – eggehviter: 16
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