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Our favourite fakeaway recipes

Time to throw away those takeaway menus. Whatever you’re craving, it’s easy to rustle up tasty, flavour-filled versions of your favourite takeaway dishes at home, and they’ll be cheaper and better for you, too.

From curries and pizzas to spring rolls and tacos, we’ve got plenty of fakeaway recipes that are easy to prepare using your Kenwood products and guaranteed to taste delicious.


Delicious starters and sides


Chicken bhuna with garlic and coriander naan

IMAGE-1-(chicken-bhuna)1584x1200.jpg IMAGE-1-(chicken-bhuna)1584x1200.jpg

Rustic pizza

PESTO_PIZZA_15210KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg PESTO_PIZZA_15210KENWOOD_1584x1200.jpg

Sweet potato tacos

Tacos_grade_v1-4123_RT1584x1200.jpg Tacos_grade_v1-4123_RT1584x1200.jpg

Vegan poke bowl

VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg VEGAN_POKE_BOWL_KENWOOD13853_1584x1200.jpg

Chicken shawarma with GF pitta

grade_v1-4434_RT1584x1200.jpg grade_v1-4434_RT1584x1200.jpg
Enjoy cooking your favourite Friday night fakeaway and get creative with other ideas - why not try homemade beef burgers or Pad Thai?