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5 ways to use your leftover chicken

As is often the case with leftovers, roast chicken is even better the second time around.

Turn your leftover chicken into a tasty mid-week meal with these five simple recipes.


Fuss-free red Thai curry

Thai-Red-Curry_1584x1200.jpg Thai-Red-Curry_1584x1200.jpg
This Thai curry recipe is an easy win. Packed with flavour, and because the chicken is already cooked, it’s quick and easy too. Combine red Thai curry paste with a kaffir lime leaf, coconut milk, and your chicken and seasonings using the Cooking Chef XL and Stir Tool. And you’re almost done. Heat through, serve with jasmine rice, and enjoy.

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Individual leftover chicken pies

PIES-4_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg PIES-4_RGB_RT_CROP_1584x1200.jpg
Making pies from scratch can be time-consuming – but it’s much easier when your hero ingredient is pre-cooked. Use any leftover bones to make a tasty stock, then dice onions, carrots, and celery using the MultiPro Express and Express Dice attachment. Cook with mushrooms and fresh herbs and your pie filling is ready to pop in a pastry casing and bake.

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Leftover chicken, mushroom and thyme risotto

Making risotto is a meditative experience – slowly adding and reducing stock until you get the perfect consistency. But with the Cooking Chef XL doing all the heating and stirring for you, it’s even more relaxing. Add in leftover chicken and your mushroom of choice, and you’ll be enjoying a delicious risotto in no time.

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Speedy chicken fajitas

FAJITAS-75_RGB_RT_CROP-1584x1200.jpg FAJITAS-75_RGB_RT_CROP-1584x1200.jpg
Fajitas are the perfect midweek meal. Even more so with the MultiPro Go doing the prep for you. If you’re a bit short of leftover chicken, add pre-cooked black beans into the mix to bulk out your filling. Serve with warm tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, and grated cheese, and tuck in.

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Moroccan soup with toasted pittas

Moroccan-Chickean-and-Chickpea-Soup_1_retouched_1584x1200.jpg Moroccan-Chickean-and-Chickpea-Soup_1_retouched_1584x1200.jpg
Another great use for leftover chicken is adding it into soups. Packed with healthy herbs, spices, and even pulses, this one’s a real one-bowl wonder. Just let the Cooking Chef XL gently release all that flavour as the Stir Tool frees you up to toast the pittas just how you like them. A real comfort dish.

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Leftover chicken is still so delicious the second time around, so don’t let it go to waste. Browse all of our recipes for more inspiration.