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Which bowl tool should I use for my recipe?

If you are following a Kenwood World app recipe, the recipe will tell you which bowl tool to use.

If you are following your own recipe, here are some tips on which tools to use:


  • Chopping ingredients before cooking, e.g. herbs, vegetables, lean meat.
  • Pureeing at the end of cooking, e.g. soups, vegetable purees.
  • Making drinks and smoothies.

DO NOT use the maxblade for doughs or cake mixtures.


  • Cake mixtures, e.g. all in one batters.
  • Bread doughs, e.g. white loaf.

Stir tool

  • For recipes where you want to stir gently without breaking the ingredients down.

Whisk tool

  • For whisking light ingredients, e.g. egg whites, cream, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce.