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Is my kCook Multi Smart connected to my Wi-Fi network?

Check the Wi-Fi symbol on the display screen:

· A solid symbol (not flashing) means your appliance is connected and ready to use.

  • Note: The number of bars displayed on the Wi-Fi symbol indicates the strength of the signal being received.

    · A flashing symbol means your appliance is trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network but is unable to do so (see “My kCook Multi Smart cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network”).

    · If there is no Wi-Fi symbol, either your appliance has never been connected to a Wi-Fi network or appliance’s Wi-Fi settings have been reset.

    To change to a different Wi-Fi network, see “How do I connect my kCook Multi Smart to a different Wi-Fi network?”.

    If you need any more help, please contact Customer Support for assistance.