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How to Use the Express Dice™: hints & tips

  • Cut vegetables straight at the top and bottom to help them process better.
  • To assist with processing place both hands on top of the pusher and press down firmly.
  • For best results, use fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • To prevent the food from jamming, do not pack the food tightly in the feed tube – ideally the food should be cut no larger than 50mm x 30mm.
  • If the food is too hard to push through the grid, cook for approximately 10-15 minutes, then allow to cool in a refrigerator before processing.
  • Always remove hard skins, stones, pips and seeds etc., from food before processing.
  • To make crudités, assemble the Express Dice™ but omit the dicing disc. Then push use the dicing pusher to push ingredients through the dicing grid.
Due to the various sizes and shapes of foods, the diced results will contain some misshapen pieces, this is normal.
Foods such as cheese, ham, and chorizo will clog in the grid so are not recommended for use with this attachment.