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Kenwood Chef, Chef XL, kMix and Cooking Chef Mixer Attachments

Lasagne Roller Attachment KAX980ME


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Product details

Turn your soft, silky pasta dough into the thinnest of sheets ready for cooking or cutting, effortlessly guided through the lasagne roller.

Compatible with:

  • Chef (KVC30)
  • Chef Elite (KVC51, KQL51, KVC53, KVC54)
  • Chef Elite XL (KVL61, KQL61, KVL63)
  • Chef Sense (KVC50)
  • Chef Titanium (KMC01)
  • Chef XL (KVL40)
  • Chef XL - Titanium (KVL80)
  • Classic Chef (KM330)
  • Cooking Chef - (KCC90)
  • KMix Glass Bowl (KMX754)
  • Titanium Chef - Patissier XL (KWL90)
  • Titanium Chef Baker XL Lite (KVL65)
  • Titanium Chef XL - Baker (KVL85)

Delicious pasta dishes

Create a pasta masterpiece from scratch, and get the precise pasta sheets needed to impress your friends and family. Simply choose the thickness level and roll your dough through the roller. Now you've got fresh, homemade pasta ready for cooking or cutting.

Attachments of today that fit the machines of yesterday

Don't worry if you have an older Chef - our Lasagna roller can fit the slow speed outlet on Chef, Chef XL, kMix, Chef Major, Chef Sense, Chef XL Sense and Cooking Chef kitchen machines manufacturered in the last 40 years*!

  *Slot attachment fittings require adaptor KAT001ME.

It's more than just pasta!

Think more than just lasagna. With a roller, you can get the thinnest of dough sheets for recipes like turmeric crackers, or even chapatis. Roll away!

Key Features

10 thickness settings
10 thickness settings Choose from ten adjustable thickness settings to create your perfect pasta sheets from scratch.
Roll straight from the fridge
Roll straight from the fridge With durable rollers and body, you can press your rested and chilled dough straight from the fridge. You can even use it to roll icing.
Less waste, more taste
Less waste, more taste Achieve consistent, straight edged pasta for easy layering in your favourite dishes. Minimal waste and pasta that goes right to the edge or your dish.


general specifications

Body material: Stainless steel
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 24 x 5.5 x 5.5


Cleaning brush: Yes


Outlet: Slow speed outlet

Attachments facet

Food Preparation Tasks: Pasta Making
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Lasagne Roller Attachment KAX980ME

Lasagne Roller Attachment KAX980ME

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