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What are Kenwood "Factory Seconds"?

All of our "Factory Seconds" are in perfect working order !

A "Factory Second" product could be any one or a combination of the below:

  1. The product may have a slight cosmetic imperfection
  2. The product may be missing its original packaging and/or printed manuals
  3. The product may not include all of the attachments and/or accessories included in a brand new product
  4. The product may be an ex display model
  5. The product may be a previous year's model
  6. The product may be an overstocked item returned from the retailer to the manufacturer

The product may have been used by a consumer for a limited period then returned by the customer because they weren't happy with the purchase and then refurbished by manufacturer (No products have had or contained food preparation within them).

A fault may have developed shortly after purchase and the product was returned and then refurbished by the manufacturer.

Please Note: Products that are "Factory Seconds" do not have the same warranty as new products, "Factory Seconds" are subject to the warranty for a seconds product as listed on our Warranty Page.