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Thermoresist Blender attachment

Take your stand mixer to the next level with the Thermoresist glass blender attachment. Designed to blend both piping hot and ice cold ingredients for soups or smoothies, this versatile bit of kit can help you create so many other dishes too, from homemade peanut butter, mayonnaise and dips, to decadent desserts.

Here’s our quick guide to using the Thermoresist glass blender attachment, along with some of our favourite recipes from the Kenwood chefs to inspire you.


How to use the thermoresist blender attachment

Made from heat-resistant glass, the 1.6L Thermoresist glass blender attachment can be used to blend anything from hot ingredients straight from the pan, to ice straight from the freezer, without clouding or shattering. With no need to wait for ingredients to cool down, it’s a real time saver when you’re cooking batches of soup or hot sauces, as well as being great for blending ice-cold smoothies, shakes and cocktails.

The accompanying stir stick helps you achieve a smoother, more even consistency, while the blender’s unique Blend X Multizone blades ensure nothing gets left behind.

To use, place your ingredients in the goblet (having checked both the seal and blade unit are securely in place) and lock into your mixer’s high speed outlet. Then simply blend at your required speed - the accompanying instruction manual includes some guidance on recommended speeds and blending times for various uses and types of food. Use the stir stick when processing thicker mixtures like pȃtés or dips, to help move ingredients around and prevent clogging.

Once you’re happy with the consistency, switch off and remove the blender, supporting it with both hands. Apart from the blade unit, all the parts are dishwasher-safe.

So now you know how quick and easy the blender attachment is to use, why not try out one of these delicious recipes?

Sweet potato and orange soup

1584x1200kenwood_recipes_sweetpotatosoup.jpg 1584x1200kenwood_recipes_sweetpotatosoup.jpg
Packed with veg and herbs, this sweet potato and orange soup is so easy to make using your blender attachment. Once you’ve cooked all the ingredients simply transfer the soup straight from the pan to the blender and purée until smooth. Low in fat and full of nourishment, it’s the perfect wholesome lunch. This recipe is ideal for batch cooking, so you’ll always have some to hand.

Honeycomb ice cream

1584x1200Kenwood-honeycomb_ice_cream-feb-22-56.jpg 1584x1200Kenwood-honeycomb_ice_cream-feb-22-56.jpg
On a hot day, homemade ice-cream is hard to beat, and the good news is you don’t need an ice-cream maker to make it. Flavoured with real honeycomb pieces, you can whizz up this delicious ice-cream in your blender attachment in just a couple of minutes and then pop in the freezer to set.

Almond milk

1584x1200Kenwood-Almond_milk-feb-22-2.jpg 1584x1200Kenwood-Almond_milk-feb-22-2.jpg
Great as a nutrient-packed, dairy-free alternative to milk in porridge or smoothies, almond milk can also be used in baking. Not only is it healthy and versatile, it’s also really easy to make yourself.

If you’re using unblanched almonds you will need to soak them in water for 1-2 days first, but blanched almonds can be used straight away. Just throw in your blender attachment along with some water and blend until smooth. You’ll need a muslin cloth to strain the milk, but be sure to keep the leftover almond meal. It can be baked and then used to top yoghurt, or added to muffins, cookies or granola recipes.

Peanut butter

1584x1200Kenwood-peanut_butter-feb-22-9.jpg 1584x1200Kenwood-peanut_butter-feb-22-9.jpg
Once you’ve seen how quick and easy it is to make your own peanut butter, you’ll never go back to shop bought.

With three ingredients and a quick blast in your blender attachment, you’re done - just add 400g of shelled, roasted peanuts, 0.5 tbsp vegetable oil and salt to taste.

And because it’s homemade, you can make it as smooth or crunchy as you like. Delicious spread on toast or apple slices (or just eaten straight from the jar), this recipe also works well with hazelnuts or cashews.

Chocolate and avocado pudding

1584x1200Kenwood-Avo_choc_mousse-feb-22-7.jpg 1584x1200Kenwood-Avo_choc_mousse-feb-22-7.jpg
Using avocado adds a wonderful creaminess to this rich, dairy-free dessert which only takes a few minutes to whip up in your blender attachment and can be eaten straight away.

Alongside avocado, it’s also made with bananas, prunes and soy milk, with maple syrup and vanilla used instead of refined sugar. So despite tasting like a really indulgent treat, this is a dessert that is actually good for you, too.

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The Thermoresist glass blender attachment is compatible with all Chef stand mixers with product codes starting with KM/KMM/KMC/KVC/KVL/KWL/KCL/KCC/KQC . It’s just one of over 25 additional attachments available to personalise your mixer and help you open up a whole new world of culinary creativity. Whether you want to spiralize your fruit and veg, make your own pasta from scratch or enjoy a freshly squeezed homemade juice every morning, there’s a stand mixer attachment for every kind of dish. Explore the full range here.