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PureJuice Slow Juicer JMP600SI


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This silver model features 150W of power to crush and squeeze your ingredients, effortlessly separating your juice and pulp.


Designed to feed and crush every bit of goodness from even the most fibrous fruit and vegetables, waste is at an absolute minimum with the PureJuice. Feed whole pieces directly into the feed tube to extract all the juice whilst separating the rest into pulp to use for other recipes such as vegetable burgers, brownies or purees.


Everything counts
Everything counts The pulp container collects the dry, nutrient rich pulp, which you can use to bulk-out soups, falafels or even add to cakes and brownies to surprise and delight family and friends.
Smooth juice
Smooth juice For those who prefer a smoother texture, the extra sieve will come in handy to collect every last bit of pulp from the juice.
Clean and fresh
Clean and fresh Keep your kitchen sides clean and free from sticky spillages with the anti-drip stopper.
Powerful motor
Powerful motor Features 150W of power to effortlessly crush and squeeze every last drop from your ingredients.
Cleaning brush
Cleaning brush Included for easy maintenance and cleaning of the juicer.
No mess
No mess Keep your kitchen sides clean with the anti-drip stopper to prevent spillages and waste.
Extra sieve
Extra sieve The removable sieve allows you to get your drink texture just right. Perfect if you like a silky, smooth juice.


Allmänna data

Vikt (kg): 4.48
Material i stommen: Plastic
Färg: Silver
Storlek (LxBxH) (cm): 19 x 15 x 41


Kontinuerlig juicepressning: Ja
Droppskydd: Ja
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PureJuice Slow Juicer JMP600SI

PureJuice Slow Juicer JMP600SI

kr1,799.00 kr2,829.00
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