MultiPro Express Weigh+ Food Processor FDM71.450SS


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Enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, knowing you've got the right tool for every job. Chopping, slicing, grating, whisking and more.

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Integrated digital weighing


Forget seperate weighing scales. Weigh veg, flour and more directly into the bowl, or on the weighing tray included. Incrementally or individually. You’ll save on time and washing up. And with no batteries to run out, it’s more reliable too.

1.5L blender


The lightweight 1.5L blender quickly makes smoothies, shakes and soups. Light enough to pick up and pour with one hand.

Ključne funkcije

The complete package
The complete package With the original all-in-one system from Kenwood you can chop, grate, slice, blend, knead, whisk and even juice. Do it all with just one base, saving you time and space.*
Unrivalled versatility
Unrivalled versatility Whether you're making savoury flatbreads, spicy soups, or deliciously moist vegetable cakes. It's got the best tools for the best results.
Whipped deliciously
Whipped deliciously Achieve perfectly whipped cream and light airy meringue with our unique dual metal whisk. The twin whisk design incorporates more air into the mix. For splash-free, time-saving and lighter results.
A cut above the rest
A cut above the rest Fine cut, coarse chop or puree. Achieve just the right texture with our unique cutting system and micro-serrated blades. Staying sharp and strong, our blades stand the test of time.
Everything in its place
Everything in its place Never lose that extra part again. The SmartStore™ bag helps to keep everything together and stored neatly. Lay your hand to the right tool in an instant.
Dishwasher safe tools
Dishwasher safe tools Multipro Express Weigh+ saves time on cleaning as well as food prep. Just pop tools in the dishwasher*.
A choice of discs
A choice of discs The neat design packs in a generous 3L bowl. It comes with several discs for slicing and grating. Just pop them on and away you go.
Control at your fingertips
Control at your fingertips Reliable 1000W motor, with variable speed and pulse function, puts you in control. Take away guess work with clear icons to show you the right attachment for every task.


general specifications

Teža: 3.93kg
Material ohišja: Metal & plastic body
Velikost (DxŠxV): 20.0L x 26.5W x 40H
Material sklede: Plastic
Material mešalnika: Plastic
Hitrosti: Variable + Pulse
Material rezila: Micro-serrated Stainless Steel
Barva: Brushed stainless steel


Orodje za testo: Da
Dvojna kovinska metlica: Da
Rezilo noža: Da
Mešalnik: Da
Ožemalnik citrusov: Da
Obrnljiva 4-milimetrska plošča za rezanje/ribanje: Da
Obrnljiva 2-milimetrska plošča za rezanje/ribanje: Da
Pladenj za tehtanje: Da
Vrečka SmartStore™ : Da


Velikost posode: 3L
Suha prostornina mešalne sklede: 1.5kg
Prostornina tekočine v mešalni skledi: 1.5L
Prostornina mešalnika: 1.5L


Funkcija pulza: Da
Vgrajena tehtnica: Da


Deli, primerni za pomivalni stroj: Da
Shranjevanje kabla: Da
Nedrsno podnožje: Da
Varnostna zapora: Da
Nazobčana rezila mešalnika: Da
Lopatica: Da
Nazobčano rezilo iz nerjavnega jekla: Da
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MultiPro Express Weigh+ Food Processor FDM71.450SS

MultiPro Express Weigh+ Food Processor FDM71.450SS

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