Chefette Lite Hand Mixer HMP32.A0WH


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Complement your creativity with this light and durable hand mixer designed for your everyday mixing, cakes and bakes, with the added bonus of a bowl and stand fixture. Ideal for smaller kitchens and occasional bakers.

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The Chefette Lite is a flexible combination of compact stand mixer and hand mixer, with even more power to give you complete baking freedom for when you just want to quickly whisk up a few ingredients in a separate bowl or if you want to use the full capabilities of the mixer.

Ključne funkcije

450W Power
450W Power Features an efficient 450W motor with 5 adjustable speeds and a turbo function.
Advanced Cooling System
Advanced Cooling System For an energy efficient motor.
Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher Safe Many of the parts are dishwasher safe so you can spend more time enjoying your bakes and less time washing up.
Bowl Capacity
Bowl Capacity The generous 3L bowl provides enough room to whisk up 500ml of cream and batter mixture for 12 cupcakes.
STAINLESS STEEL TOOLS High quality stainless steel dual whisks and kneaders give you excellent results and are made to last, delivering all of the quality bakers have come to expect from their Kenwood.



Funkcija pulza: Da
Avtomatska vrtljiva skleda: Da


Prostornina sklede (L): 3.4


Dvojna metlica: Da
Dvojna gnetilca: Da

general specifications

Material sklede: Plastic
Material ohišja: Plastic
Barva: White


Deli, primerni za pomivalni stroj: Da
Shranjevanje kabla: Da
Gumb za doziranje: Da
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Chefette Lite Hand Mixer HMP32.A0WH

Chefette Lite Hand Mixer HMP32.A0WH

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