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Which stand mixer is right for me?

Stand mixers are designed to take all the hard work out of mixing, kneading and whisking- leaving you hands-free to get on with other things. If you love baking and bread-making, it will quickly become the hardest working piece of kitchen equipment you own.

With several Kenwood mixers to choose from, it might be tricky deciding which mixer is right for you. While they’ll all help to raise your baking game, each model offers something different when it comes to specialist features, or capacity.

Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect stand mixer for you - with tips on what to look for, and the need-to-know lowdown on the models in our range.


What can a stand mixer be used for?

All Kenwood stand mixers come with three high performance bowl tools as standard- the K-Beater, whisk and dough tool. That means they are ideal for making cakes, biscuits, icing and fillings, mixing doughs for bread, pizza and pasta and whisking eggs, cream, mousses and meringues.

But stand mixers offer so much more beyond baking. With different speed outlets and a range of optional attachments, these versatile appliances can be used to create a range of dishes, making them the perfect choice for home bakers and cooks.

What should I consider before buying a stand mixer?

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How you’ll use it
All our stand mixers are designed to support you with everyday baking tasks. But some also offer more specialist functions, with models that can prove dough, or have preset functions enabling you to complete tasks like making meringue or melting chocolate with a single tap.

If you’re an avid baker who likes to try new recipes and techniques, a model with increased functionality may suit your needs better.

Stand mixers come in a range of sizes- smaller models which are ideal if you’re short on space, and bigger ones, which are usually heavier too.

Check the dimensions to make sure you have enough worktop or cupboard space to store it when it’s not in use.

Different mixers have different sized bowls. If you make bread a few times a week or bake for lots of people, you’ll need a larger capacity bowl- at least 4.6L.

Consider the rest of your kitchen decor. Some of our mixers are available in a range of contemporary colours, or are customisable. Keep it classic with clean monochromatic finishes, make a real statement with a pop of colour or opt for more muted shades.

A baking powerhouse

Titanium-Chef-Patissier-XL_1584x1200.jpg Titanium-Chef-Patissier-XL_1584x1200.jpg

The versatile kitchen companion

SHIMMY_SEAFOOD_PHO_1584x1200.jpg SHIMMY_SEAFOOD_PHO_1584x1200.jpg

Powerful with innovative features

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Design with no compromise

KMX760AGR--LIFESTYLE-HERO-1584x1200.jpg KMX760AGR--LIFESTYLE-HERO-1584x1200.jpg

Compact and capable

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Our range of stand mixer attachments