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A kitchen machine attachment for every kind of dish

Open up another world of meal creation with our range of kitchen machine attachments.
Blend, slice, dice, mince, grate, mill – the choice is yours.

For all your preparation needs

Chopping, grinding, dicing, mincing and spiralizing are all made easier with our wide range of food preparation attachments.

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Delicious drinks

Whether you’re looking to crush ice for a nutritious smoothie or squeeze oranges for a breakfast juice, there’s a drinks attachment for you.

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Homemade pasta

Delight family and friends with creamy carbonara and flavoursome spaghetti Bolognese, made using fresh pasta ribbons and shapes.

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Baked treats

Easily knead dense doughs, gently fold batters and effortlessly whip egg whites with the high quality bowl tools.

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See our Chef attachments in action


Chef attachments

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