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Mincer Attachment AT281


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Détails du produit

Easily and quickly grind meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit peels with the Food Mincer attachment for your Prospero kitchen machine. Create your own homemade minces, burgers and patties – it’s ideal for experimenting with flavour combinations that everyone will love. This high performance mincer includes three screens to help you prepare a variety of dishes.


Made with a durable metal body and scroll, this attachment delivers consistent results time after time. Taste the best homemade meatballs and patties you will ever have. Apart from that, enjoy a wide spread of dishes easily prepared with interchangeable medium and coarse screens.


Brilliantly designed to ensure a fuss-free set-up to attach to your Prospero+ Compact 4.3L Stand Mixer. You will be able to get the hang of it within minutes. Equipped with a pusher for you to protect your fingers while you focus on mastering mouthwatering dishes that have perfectly minced texture meat.


Hate having to clean up after your meals? This food grinder is easily dissembled, enabling a simple yet fast cleaning process. Relax, and enjoy time spent with your family.


Easily grind meat, fish, vegetables, and even fruit peels; just by attaching the meat and food grinder attachment to your Prospero+ Compact kitchen machine. Unleash the full potential in you as you experiment with a plethora of recipes starting from fruit jams to pastry pies.


caractéristiques générales

Matériau du corps: Plastic and metal
Taille (L x l x h) (cm): 17.5x18.5x21.5
Poids (kg): 0.581
Couleur: Grey