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Crab Ravioli

Serves: 4 peopleRecipe course: Main mealTotal time (min.): 125
Crab Ravioli.jpg Crab Ravioli.jpg


Lasagne Roller KAX980ME or Stand Mixers


2 large eggs                                                          
3 egg yolks           
300g 00 flour
Fine semolina (as needed for dusting)
Flour (as needed for dusting)
150g white crabmeat                                                         
100g ricotta                                                                          
35g breadcrumbs, dried or from stale bread                                                
15g parmesan, grated                                                        
Zest of ½ lemon                                  
1 tbsp parsley, destalked                                                                  
1 tbsp dill, destalked                                                          
Pinch salt and pepper                                                        
125g butter                                                                          
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil                                
Handful sage leaves, roughly chopped

​​​​​​​To serve:

Salt and pepper (a pinch)
Lemon, juice of (as needed)
Parmesan (60g)


1 - Fit the Spiral Dough Tool to the mixer.
2 - Add the flour to the Kenwood Chef mixer bowl, make a well in the centre of the flour and add the two large eggs and one egg yolk. Start the machine on speed 1 for two minutes, increase the speed to 2 for a further two minutes until the dough comes together.
3 - If the dough feels sticky, dust with a little more flour and knead on the work surface for a few seconds.
4 - Wrap the dough, rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.
5 - Fit the Food processor attachment to the high-speed outlet with the knife tool and add the crabmeat, ricotta, breadcrumbs, two remaining egg yolks, parmesan, lemon zest, parsley, dill and salt and pepper.
6 - Start the machine on speed 4 and process for 15 seconds and then transfer the mixture to the fridge.
7 - Fit the Pasta roller attachment onto the slow speed outlet.
8 - Remove the pasta dough from the fridge.
9 - Divide the dough into two, dust with semolina and roughly shape into a rectangle with your hands.
10 - Run it through the pasta roller at setting 0.
11 - Fold the dough over lengthwise and run it through again.
12 - Use the dial on the roller attachment to adjust the roller width incrementally from 0 up to 6, re-feeding the dough through the attachment to achieve the desired thickness.
13 - Ensure that the pasta width is the same width as the rollers.
14 - Dust the work surface with fine semolina or flour, lay the sheet of pasta out on the work surface.
15 - Repeat this process so that you have at least two lengths of pasta measuring approximately 50cm.
16 - Fit the Ravioli maker attachment and dust the rollers with flour.
17 - Fold the length of rolled pasta in half.
18 - Feed the pasta into the attachment folded end first, guiding it into the centre of the rollers.
19 - Using the manual dial, slowly turn the dial anti clockwise to feed the pasta through, check underneath the rollers to make sure the pasta is not caught between the rollers.
20 - Open out the two ends of the pasta so that it hangs over the rollers on each side.
21 - Fit the filler hopper, it should click into place.
22 - Using the plastic spoon provided, add two spoons of the crab filling into the hopper, use the spoon to press the mixture firmly down into the hopper, spreading it evenly all the way to the edges.
23 - Slowly turn the dial anti-clockwise and add more filling and press the mixture down as necessary.
24 - Place the ravioli sheet onto a worksurface which has been lightly dusted with fine semolina or flour, allow to dry for at least 10 minutes before gently separating the pieces by tearing along the perforations.
25 - Repeat the process with your second piece of pasta and the remaining filling.
26 - Meanwhile make the sage butter. Add the butter and olive oil to a medium frying pan and heat until melted.
27 - Add the sage leaves and increase the heat for a few seconds so that the sage turns crispy and the butter starts to turn golden brown, immediately remove the pan from the heat.
28 - Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add the pasta for 3 minutes- the ravioli should rise to the surface once cooked.
29 - Drain the pasta and transfer to the sage butter sauce, swirling gently until fully combined.

To Serve

Serve immediately, season with freshly ground black pepper, add a squeeze of lemon juice and parmesan.