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Kenwood Design Ethos Statement

Inspiring confidence
Kenwood product designs empower the user, they give you top quality results every time so you can get imaginative and adventurous in the kitchen, they inspire confidence.

Modern reality
The Kenwood designers take the best from modern industry and technology and prepare it for people and real life. People know what makes sense to them but can’t always predict it, and industry has a lot of answers but not always the right ones, so we play a creative role between the two, designing beautiful products that click with the user.

Each of our products has a primary focus, either on effortless control and clever performance or on being irresistibly touchable and interactive. They are either focused on results or process; so you can either rely on the product’s impressive capability or get more involved and creative.

Each product always has a subtle perceived familiarity for an authentic feel, they can be trusted because they click subconsciously. The kitchen has a very rich history practically and emotionally so we respect and mark that in our designs.

The changing kitchen
The kitchen is changing, and we are part of that evolution. There are shifts towards long lost values of the kitchen in the West like sociability and flexibility, we are sensitive to the latest trends.

Ethical fluency
Our vision is for the total beauty of sustainability in our products, a lightness of impact and smoothness of transition throughout the product life-cycle, including issues like energy use, operating efficiency and safety.

Global sense
Our core design values of simplicity, elegance, honesty and intuitiveness make sense across the globe, our products speak a shared language at their root.

Johan Santer
Director of Industrial Design