MultiPro Classic FDM791BA


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The complete solution for kitchen creatives.

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Preparation simplified
Preparation simplified No need to get your scales out of the cupboard – the built-in scales mean you can weigh your ingredients directly into the bowl. Hit the zero button as you add the next ingredient to make sure you get the measurements spot-on for your signature dish.
Handle anything, hot or cold
Handle anything, hot or cold If you’re blending a hearty vegetable soup or a breakfast smoothie, the 1.5L ThermoResist™ glass blender can handle both hot and cold ingredients, with no cracking or shattering.
Versatile base
Versatile base The dual drive means attachments are run from the same base, allowing you to easily transform your food processor into a blender.
Plenty of room
Plenty of room The 3L bowl has a working capacity of 1.5L for chopping, processing, kneading or whisking ingredients for the whole family or groups of friends. Prepare midweek meals or experiment with weekend treats with room to spare.
Adjustable speed
Adjustable speed Variable speed and pulse puts you in control, meaning ingredients are prepared your way, whether you want quick pulses for perfect breadcrumbs or beautifully blended soups.
The power to prepare
The power to prepare Take the hard work out of preparation with the 1000W motor. It's the ideal power for processing fruit for compotes, vegetables for soups or a smooth chocolate ganache ready for cake decorating.

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Paino: 5.4
Rungon materiaali: Brushed aluminium metal
Koko (P x L x K): 21.3 x 21.9 x 38.7
Tehosekoittimen materiaali: Glass
Nopeudet: Variable
Väri: Silver


Taikinakoukku: Joo
Metallinen kaksoisvatkain: Joo
Veitsenterä: Joo
Sitruspuserrin: Joo
ThermoResist™-lasikannu: Joo
Minikulho: Joo
Ranskanperunalevy: Joo
Suikalointilevy: Joo
Miniveitsen terä: Joo
Raastinlevy erittäin hienolle raasteelle: Joo
Käännettävä 4 mm:n viipalointi-/raastinlevy: Joo
Käännettävä 2 mm:n viipalointi-/raastinlevy: Joo
Punnitusalusta: Joo
Lisälaitteen säilytystila: Joo


Käyttökulhon nestetilavuus: 1.5
Tehosekoittimen tilavuus: 3


Sykäystoiminto: Joo
Sisäänrakennettu vaaka: Joo


Astianpesukoneessa pestävissä olevat osat: Joo
Johdon säilytyspaikka: Joo
Luistamattomat jalat: Joo
Turvalukitus: Joo
Lasta: Joo
Veitsen terä ruostumatonta terästä: Joo
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